Guidebook to the Constellations
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Guidebook to the Constellations

Telescopic Sights, Tales, and Myths
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Phil Simpson
The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series
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This handbook guides the stargazer through all 88 officially recognized constellations, grouped according to their origin and location in the sky. The book includes origin myths, finder charts, tables, photographs and plots of binary star orbital motions.

How to Observe the Sky Using this Book.- The North Circumpolar Constellations.- The Andromeda Group.- The Orion Group.- The Hercules Group.- The Boötes Group.- The Corvus Group.- The Aquila Group.- The Argo Navis Group.- The Lyra Group.- The Gemini Group.- The Watery Part of the Sky.- Other Northern Constellations.- Modern Constellations Formed by Plancius.- Modern Constellations Formed by Plancius & Keyser.- Modern Constellations Formed by Hevelius.- Modern Constellations Formed by Lacaille.- Glossary of Terms.- Appendices.- Index.

This handbook is a guide to exploring the classical night sky and its wonderful telescopic sights. All 88 officially recognized constellations are presented in natural groups which are related by their origin and location in the sky. Each group is explained by a fascinating story which tells what each constellation represents, how it appears in the sky, and why the other constellations of the group are close by, or related in some other manner. Some of these stories are classical myths which show how and why ancient cultures saw the constellations as related groups. Others are about more modern astronomers who sought recognition by filling in the gaps between the ancient constellations with inventions of their own. Both types of stories are crafted to make the constellation groups memorable, so that amateur astronomers can not only locate and recognize the constellations more easily, but also be able to pinpoint the celestial objects they contain more quickly.

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