Bladder Pain Syndrome
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Bladder Pain Syndrome

A Guide for Clinicians
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Jørgen Nordling
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This comprehensive guide to the pathophysiology, epidemiology, terminology, evaluation and treatment of patients with pelvic pain perceived to be related to the urinary bladder incorporates the recent evolution in our general understanding of pain syndromes.
Interstitial cystitis clearly defined for the first time
Covers the close relationship between different pain syndromes
Written by experts in the field
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Historical Perspective
Philip M. Hanno

Chapter 2 Epidemiology

Mirja Ruutu, Mikael Leppilahti, Jukka Sairanen

Chapter 3 Diagnostic Criteria, Classification, and Nomenclature for Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS)

Joop P. van de Merwe, Jørgen Nordling, Pierre Bouchelouche, Mauro Cervigni, Magnus Fall, Jean-Jacques Wyndaele

Part One Pathophysiology

Chapter 4 Clinical Pathophysiology and Molecular Biology of the Urothelium and the GAG Layer

Gianfranco Tajana and Mauro Cervigni

Chapter 5 Mast Cell and Bladder Pain Syndrome

Kirsten Bouchelouche and Pierre Bouchelouche

Chapter 6 Neurophysiology of Pelvic Pain Mechanisms

Jean-Jacques Wyndaele and Silvia Malaguti

Chapter 7 Syndromes Associated with Bladder Pain Syndrome as Clues to its Pathogenesis

John W. Warren, Joop P. van de Merwe, J. Curtis Nickel

Part Two Clinical Presentations
Chapter 8 Bladder Pain Syndrome - Clinical Presentation
John Hughes and Mahindra Chincholkar

Chapter 9 Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS)

Mauro Cervigni and Franca Natale

Chapter 10 Psychosocial Risk Factors and Patient Outcomes for Bladder Pain Syndrome

Dean A. Tripp and J. Curtis Nickel

Chapter 11 Bladder Pain Syndrome and Sexuality

Jennifer Yonaitis Fariello, Kristene E. Whitmore, Robert M. Moldwin

Part Three DiagnosisChapter 12 Symptoms of Bladder Pain Syndrome
John W. Warren and Philip M. Hanno

Chapter 13 Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of Bladder Pain Syndrome

Jennifer Yonaitis Fariello and Kristene E. Whitmore
Chapter 14 Urine Biomarkers and Bladder Pain Syndrome
Pierre Bouchelouche and Kirsten Bouchelouche

Chapter 15 Cystoscopy and Hydrodistension in the Diagnosis of Bladder Pain Syndrome

Andrey Zaytsev and Magnus Fall

Chapter 16 Biopsy Retrieval, Tissue Handling, Morphology and Histopathological Characteristics

Christina Kåbjörn Gustafsson and Ralph Peeker

Chapter 17 Urodynamics in BPS

Paul P. Irwin and Claus Riedl
Part Four Therapy
Chapter 18 Complementary and Alternative Medical Treatments of Bladder Pain Syndrome

Z. Chad Baxter, Helen R. Levey, Jennifer Yonaitis Fariello, Robert M. Moldwin
Chapter 19 Diet and Its Role in Bladder Pain Syndrome and Co-Morbid Conditions
Justin I. Friedlander, Barbara Shorter, Robert M. Moldwin

Chapter 20 Physiotherapy

Amy Rejba Hoffmann, Hina M. Sheth, Kristene E. Whitmore

Chapter 21 Oral Therapy for Bladder Pain Syndrome Directed at the Bladder

Philip M. Hanno

Chapter 22 Pain Treatment in Bladder Pain Syndrome

John Hughes and Salma Mohammed

Chapter 23 Intravesical Therapy

Mauro Cervigni and Arndt van Ophoven

Chapter 24 Hydrodistention, Transurethral Resection and other Ablative Techniques in the Treatment of Bladder Pain Syndrome

Magnus Fall, Jørgen Nordling and Ralph Peeker

Chapter 25 Botulinum Toxin Treatment in Bladder Pain Syndrome

Paul P. Irwin and Paulo Dinis Oliveria

Chapter 26 Neurostimulation for Bladder Pain Syndrome

Dominique El-Khawand and Kristene E. Whitmore

Chapter 27 Bladder Augmentation, Urinary Diversion and Cystectomy in Patients with Bladder Pain Syndrome

Jørgen Nordling, Magnus Fall, Ralph Peeker

Part Five Patient Perspective

Chapter 28 A Patient Perspective

Jane M. Meijlink

Chapter 29 Exploratory Research on the Social Costs and Care for Patients with Bladder Pain Syndrome / Interstitial Cystitis

Loredana Nasta, Simone Montagnoli, Maria Avolio
Bladder Pain Syndrome: A Guide for Clinicians provides a comprehensive update in the pathophysiology, epidemiology, terminology, evaluation and treatment of patients with pelvic pain perceived to be related to the urinary bladder. The volume covers the tremendous evolution during the last decade in our understanding of pain syndromes and their diagnosis and treatment. It is now clear that Bladder Pain Syndrome belongs to the family of pain syndromes, and therefore treatment has moved from the treatment of the bladder to the treatment of a pain syndrome with the special problems this presents when the pain syndrome involves urinary symptoms. Interstitial Cystitis was poorly defined and the interpretation and patient selection differed enormously around the world in many ways, making exchange of information unreliable and confusing. Bladder Pain Syndrome is clearly defined and the result is a much better patient selection. This volume provides state of the art background for making a correct evaluation and diagnosis of patients with pelvic pain and voiding problems resulting in a more focused treatment to the benefit of the patients. The volume also covers the close relationship between different pain syndromes including those outside the pelvis.Bladder Pain Syndrome: A Guide for Clinicians will be of great utility to urologists, gynecologists and all health professionals dealing with patients with pelvic pain.

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