Biomaterials for Clinical Applications
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Biomaterials for Clinical Applications

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Sujata K. Bhatia
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Taking the World Health Organization's report on the top-ten causes of death worldwide as its starting point, this volume sets out the opportunities that exist for both biomaterials scientists and physicians to tackle these leading contributors to mortality.
Bridges the gap between the laboratory and the clinic by identifying needs for biomedical materials in the context of the most prevalent diseases worldwide
While other books in the field take a technology-centered approach to biomaterials, this book takes a disease-centered approach

Written by an expert with experience in both the private sector and academia
Coronary Artery Disease.- Stroke.- Pneumonia.- COPD.- Diarrheal Diseases.- HIV/AIDS.- Tuberculosis.- Lung Cancer Chapter 9 Lung cancer .- Traumatic Injuries Chapter 10 Traumatic Injuries .- Prematurity Chapter 11 Prematurity .- Conclusion Chapter 12 Conclusion .
Biomaterials for Clinical Applications is organized according to the World Health Organization's report of the top 11 causes of death worldwide, and lays out opportunities for both biomaterials scientists and physicians to tackle each of these leading contributors to mortality. The introductory chapter discusses the global burden of disease. Each of the subsequent eleven chapters focuses on a specific disease process, beginning with the leading cause of death worldwide, cardiovascular disease. The chapters start with describing diseases where clinical needs are most pressing, and then envisions how biomaterials can be designed to address these needs, instead of the more technologically centered approached favored by most books in the field. This book, then, should appeal to chemical engineers and bioengineers who are designing new biomaterials for drug delivery and vaccine delivery, as well as tissue engineering.

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