Health Care Advocacy
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Health Care Advocacy

A Guide for Busy Clinicans
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Laura Sessums
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Written by clinicians, for clinicians, Clinicians and Health Care Advocacy focuses on the ways policy works and individual professionals alike can affect policy. Case-based examples of clinician advocacy illustrate the concepts discussed.
Health care reform and advocacy is a hot topic for both clnicians and the public at large.
Clinicians and health care advocacy: The reasons why.- How does federal health policy work?.- Tools and resources to build advocacy skills.- Opportunities for advocacy in the legislative branch.- The rules of the game.- Advocacy in the executive branch of government.- Establishing a health policy strategy at the association level.- Building partnerships and coalition advocacy.- State-level advocacy.- Local advocacy for the health care professional.- Clinicians and health care advocacy: what comes next?
It is critical for today's clinicians to understand the process of health policy advocacy. Outside influences, from the advent of managed care in the 1980s to recent health care reforms, have an enormous impact on the care clinicians are able to provide their patients. Clinical training often does not address the advocacy process or teach advocacy skills, leaving lawyers and politicians to argue for policies that affect the day to day work of health care providers.Health Care Advocacy: A Guide for Busy Clinicians is an introduction to health policy advocacy designed to give workin clinicians the knowledge and skills they need to become confident advocates. Topics discussed include:
-Tools and resources to build advocacy skills
-Advocacy in the legislative and executive branches
-State and local advocacy
-Establishing a policy focus at the association level
-Building partnerships and coalition advocacy
Endorsed by the Society of General Internal Medicine [INSERT SGIM LOGO]

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