Hunting and Imaging Comets
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Hunting and Imaging Comets

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Martin Mobberley
The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series
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Hunting and Imaging Comets provides readers with the knowledge and techniques necessary to discover, monitor, and photograph comets. The discovery of comet fragments in SOHO image data is also discussed, as well as CCD monitoring of older comets prone to violent outbursts.
Preface.- Acknowledgments.- Comets, Their Orbits, and Where They Hide!.- Great Comet Discoveries Throughout History.- Professional 21st Century Comet Hunters.- Amateur 21st Century Comet Hunters.- Finding the Next Hale-Bopp with Your Gear.- Comets That Have Been Missed by the Pros.- Recovering Returning Periodic Comets.- Discovering Comets Using SOHO.- Following the NEOS that Might Become Comets.- Monitoring Outbursting Comets.- Comet Imaging Techniques.- Lenses, Telescopes, Astrographs, and Mountings.- Imaging Comets Remotely and via the Internet.- Comet Photometry.- A Few of the World's Keenest Comet Imagers.- Comet Resources.- Index.
For many astronomers, the holy grail of observation is to discover a comet, not least because comets always bear the name of their discoverer! Hunting and Imaging Comets was written for comet hunters and digital imagers who want to discover, rediscover, monitor, and make pictures of comets using astronomical CCD cameras and DSLRs. The old days of the purely visual comet hunter are pretty much over, but this is not to say that amateurs have lost interest in finding comets.

The books also covers the discovery of comet fragments in the SOHO image data, CCD monitoring of older comets prone to violent outbursts, the imaging of new NEOs (Near Earth Objects) that have quite often been revealed as comets - not asteroids - by amateur astronomers, and the finding of recent comets impacting Jupiter.

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