Grappling with Gravity
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Grappling with Gravity

How Will Life Adapt to Living in Space?
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Robert W. Phillips
Astronomers' Universe
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Grappling with Gravity explores the physiological how life in different worlds -- such as outerspace or settlements on the moon -- would affect humans, plants and animals. The test explores how the human body will begin, almost immediately, to adapt and change to be able to function in these strange environments.
Part I: Space Here We Come.- Chapter 1: A Great New Adventure.- Chapter 2: The Long Road to Space Flight.- Chapter 3: Why Go to Space?.- Chapter 4: Change and Prosper.- Chapter 5: Everything is Topsy-Turvy.- Chapter 6: Tomorrow's Tourist Adventures.- Part II: Life in Space.- Chapter 7: Taking Your Body to Space.- Chapter 8: Behavior in Space.- Chapter 9: An Essential Activity.- Part III: Preparing for the Future.- Chapter 10: Living Away from Earth.- Chapter 11: Taking the Plow to Mars.- Chapter 12: Speculations.- Appendix A.- Appendix B.- Acronyms.- Glossary.- Index.
Grappling with Gravity explores the physiological changes that will occur in humans and the plants and animals that accompany humans as we move to new worlds, be it to colony in the emptiness of space or settlements on the Moon, Mars, or other moons or planets. This book focuses on the biomedical aspects, while not ignoring other life-changing influences of space living. For example, what happens to people physiologically in the microgravity of space, where weight and the direction "up" become meaningless? Adapting to microgravity represents the greatest environmental challenge that life will have encountered since our ancestors moved from the seas to solid Earth. Away from Earth the human body will begin almost immediately to adapt and change, to be able to function in these strange environments. As a person adapts in space he or she will become less fit to live on Earth.

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