Remote Sensing Tools for Exploration
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Remote Sensing Tools for Exploration

Observing and Interpreting the Electromagnetic Spectrum
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Pamela Elizabeth Clark
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This is a comprehensive book on remote sensing. Clearly organized by spectral region, it reviews and creates the basis for those experts in one energy region or one system to gain insight in understanding and combining data from other regions and systems.

An Overview.- Principles of Remote Sensing.- Visible and Circumvisible Regions and Image Interpretation.- Ray Region: X-rays, Alpha Particles, Gamma-rays, Neutrons, UV.- Longwave Region: Mid to Thermal Infrared, Microwave, and Radio.- Processing Information and Data.
Remote Sensing from a New Perspective The idea for this book began many years ago, when I was asked to teach a course on remote sensing. Not long before that time, I had been part of the effort to develop the first database for planetary data with a common digital array format and interactive processing capabilities to correlate those data easily: the lunar consortium. All the available lunar remote sensing data were included, orbital and ground-based, ranging across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. I had used this powerful tool extensively, and, in that spirit, I was determined to create a course which covered the entire spectrum and a variety of targets. As I looked around for the equivalent of a textbook, which I was willing to pull together from several sources, I realized that available material was very heavily focused on the visual and near visual spectrum and on the Earth as a target. Even The Surveillant Science, edited by Edward Holz and published in 1973, which broke new ground in having diverse articles on most of the spectrum when it was created, focused entirely on the Earth. My personal favorite, the exceedingly well written book on remote sensing by Floyd Sabins first published in 1978, covered the visual, infrared, and microwave portions of the spectrum beautifully but focused on the Earth as well. Unhindered, I developed what I called 'packets' of material for each part of the spectrum.

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