Indian Ocean Region
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Indian Ocean Region

Maritime Regimes for Regional Cooperation
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Manoj Gupta
The Political Economy of the Asia Pacific
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Here is the first study of post-Cold War cooperation for advancing maritime governance in this little-understood but geopolitically vital region. The authors synthesize regime and structuration theory to assess the effectiveness of international cooperation.
Introduction: Power of the Oceans Across Regions.- Researching the Indian Ocean Region.- Ocean Governance, Regional Cooperation and Regime Theory.- The New Regime for Ocean Governance.- Indian Ocean Region.- Regime Theory and Application of Structuration Theory.- Methodological Considerations for Case Study Analysis.- Indian Ocean Rim Power to Govern the Sea.- Regime for Marine Scientific Research in the Indian Ocean Region.- Intra-Indian Ocean Trade.- Shipping and Port State Control in the Indian Ocean.- Conclusion: Power of the Sea from Coast to Coast.- Prospects for Regional Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region.
It is a privilege to introduce the reader to this book, as I believe that it will make a signi?cant contribution to, given the dif?culties in the knowledge of the Indian Ocean, developing cooperation in the Indian Ocean region. There have been numerous failed efforts at regional cooperation in different fora in the Indian Ocean. As a result of the land-based orientation of the people in the region, the importance for countries to develop the power to govern the sea has largely been ignored. The maritime approach taken by Manoj Gupta to the Indian Ocean as a region in international relations offers a timely and critical assessment of the potential for regional cooperation and ocean governance. The political leadership in the region can no longer ignore the need for coop- ation in maritime affairs in the Indian Ocean. This book enriches the literature on Indian Ocean issues as it argues convincingly that the security of nations, economic well-being of the people and health of the Indian Ocean cannot be divested from one another. All are fundamentally dependant on the ability of the countries in the region to individually and collectively exert the power to govern the sea.

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