Time Use Research in the Social Sciences
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Time Use Research in the Social Sciences

 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Andrew S. Harvey
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235x155x16 mm

I: Introduction. 1. Time Use Research; A.S. Harvey, W. Pentland. 2. Guidelines for Time Use Data Collection and Analysis; A.S. Harvey. 3. The Time-Diary Method: Structure and Uses; J.P. Robinson. 4. Analysis and Exploration of Meaning and Outcomes in Connection with Time Use Data; W. Michelson. II: Using Time Use Research to Examine Lifestyle Variables. A. Quality of Life. 5. Methods and Concepts for Time-Budget Research on Elders; M. Powell Lawton. B. Roles and Lifestyles. 6. Life-Cycle and Across-the-Week Allocation of Time to Daily Activities; J. Zuzanek, B.J.A. Smale. 7. Variance in the Meaning of Time by Family Cycle, Period, Social Context, and Ethnicity; J.A. Tindale. 8. Application of Time Use Research to the Study of Life with a Disability; W. Pentland, M.A. McColl. C. Culture. 9. Biological and Sociocultural Perspectives on Time Use Studies. 10. Te Ao Hurihuri: New Zealand's First Time; G. Whiteford, M. Barns. 11. Time Budget Methodology in Social Science Research: Ethnicity and Aging; K.V. Ujimoto. III: Conclusion. 12. Lessons from Leisure-Time Budget Research: Implications for Practice; J.F. Singleton. 13. Future Directions; W. Pentland, A.S. Harvey. Index.
This collection demonstrates the use and variety of applications of time use methodology from multidisciplinary, multinational, and multicultural perspectives. A distinguished roster of contributors from such fields as psychology, occupational therapy, sociology, economics, and architecture examines the complex relationship between human time utilization and health and well-being and evaluates the future of time use analysis as a research tool in the social sciences.