Relativistic Channeling
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Relativistic Channeling

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Previously published in hardcover
Richard A. Carrigan Jr.
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244x170x28 mm

Channeling.- Channeling and Related Phenomena for GeV Particles.- Experimental Demonstration of Reversibility Through GeV Channeling.- Energy Loss and Straggling of Random and Channeled High-Energy Particles in Thin Targets.- Theory of Dechanneling.- Multiple Scattering Effects of Light Relativistic Particles Under Channeling Conditions.- Theory of Particle Motion in Straight and Distorted Crystals.- Axial Channeling in Bent Crystals.- Deflection of Particle Beams Using Planar Channeling.- The Theory of Volume Capture by a Curved Crystal in the Channeling Regime.- The Leningrad Experiment on Volume Capture.- Channeling Radiation and Coherent Bremsstrahlung.- Quantum Theory of Channeling Radiation.- Quantum Theory of Fast Charged Particles in Crystals.- Dirac Equation for Electron Channeling.- Coherent Bremsstrahlung and Free Bound Transitions.- Coherence Lengths for Emission of Classical Channeling Radiation.- Measurement of Channeling Radiation.- Channeling Radiation Experiments Between 10 and 100 MeV.- Channeling Radiation Experiments Between 100 and 1000 MeV.- Channeling Radiation Experiments at Energies Above 1 GeV.- The Study of Electron Channeling and Channeling Radiation Using High-Voltage Electron Microscopes.- Strong Field Effects.- High-Energy Processes in Crystals: Radiation, Pair Creation, Photon Splitting and Pion Creation.- Experimental Study of Pair Creation and Radiation in Ge Crystals at Ultrarelativistic Energies (30-200 GeV).- On the Angular Dependence of Bremsstrahlung and Pair Production in Single Crystals at GeV Energies.- Applications to Particle Physics.- The Application of Channeling in Bent Crystals to Charged Particle Beams.- Charm Particles.- Applications of Channeling to Particles Physics Experiments.- Radiation Damage Effects in Channeling Applications.- Application of Semiconductor Detectors in High-Energy Physics.- Progress in High-Rate, High-Accuracy Detectors.- Applications to Material Science.- Growing Large Highly Perfect Single Crystals and Its Limitations.- The Study of Material Properties Using Channeling Radiation.- Crystal Potentials from Channeling Radiation-A First Principle Calculation.- Muon and Pion Stopping Sites in Crystals from Decay-Particle Blocking.- Pion Diffusion Studies Using Muon Channeling at High Temperatures.- Lattice Location of Nuclear Probes by Electron and Positron Channeling.- Heavy Ions.- High-Energy Heavy Ions in Crystals.- Stimulated and Cooperative Phenomena.- Stimulated and Cooperative Radiation from Channeled Particles and Ions.- Channeled Particle Acceleration by Plasma Waves in Metals.
Channeling, by its nature, involves a wide and disparate range of disciplines. Crystal preparation, material science, accelerator physics, sophisticated theoretical analysis and, of course, channeling itself all must work in concert in a research program. In spite of the gulfs separating some of these activities, researchers have drawn together over the last decade to carry out remarkable experiments in relativistic channeling and channeling radiation. Several informal workshops on high-energy channeling have been held over ~he years at Aarhus and Fermilab. However, with the vigorous progress in the field in the last several years it became clear that a more formal, comprehensive workshop was needed along with a book that covered the whole spectrum of the new developments, probed the future, and also laid out some of the foundations of the subject. This volume is the outcome of that process. The organization and preparation of both the volume and the workshop owe much to several outstanding scientific committees. The membership of these included J. Andersen (Aarhus), S. Baker (Fermilab), B. Berman (G. Washington), G. Bologna (Torino), E. Bonderup (Aarhus), S. Datz (Oak Ridge), J. Forster (Chalk River), F. Fujimoto (Tokyo), W. Gibson (Albany), I. Mitchell (Chalk River), Y. Ohtsuki (Waseda), R. Pantell (Stanford), S. Picraux (Sandia), J. Remillieux (Lyon), A. Saenz (NRL), V. Schegelsky (Gatchina), C. Sun (Albany), H. tiberall (Catholic U. ), E. Uggerh Ct. j (CERN), and R. Wedell (Humboldt). Others from across the spectrum of scientific disciplines agreed to serve as session chairmen.