Genetics and Auditory Disorders
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Genetics and Auditory Disorders

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Previously published in hardcover
Richard R. Fay
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Introduction and overview: Genetics in auditory science and clinical audiology by Bronya JB Keats and Charles I. Berlin Genes and mutations in hearing impairment by Karen B. Avraham and Tama Hasson Cytogenetics and cochlear expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for identification of genes involved in hearing and deafness by Ann B. Skvorak Giersch and Cynthia C. Morton Mapping and cloning of genes for inherited hearing impairment by Robert F. Mueller, Guy Van Camp, and Nick J. Lench Genetic epidemiology of deafness by Walter E. Nance and Arti Pandya Autosomal and X-linked auditory disorders by Andrew J. Griffith and Thomas B. Friedman Hearing loss and mitochondrial DNA mutations: Clinical implications and biological lessons by Nathan Fischel-Ghodsian Mice as models for human hereditary deafness by Karen P. Steel, Alexandra Erven, and Amy E. Kierman Genetic couseling for deafness by Kathy S. Arnos and M. Katherine Oerlrich
Genetics is fundamental to hearing function, and an understanding of genetics enhances both auditory research and the clinical treatment of the hearing impaired. Approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairment have developed from technological advances in genetic research. This volume covers gene expression, mutations, mapping and cloning, as well as mitochondrial and cellular genetics. Chapters are also included on the uses of mouse models, genetic epidemiology and genetic counseling specifically for hearing impairment. As a comprehensive review of the genetics of hearing, this book will interest hearing researchers, clinicians and genetic counselors.