Infectious Disease Informatics
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Infectious Disease Informatics

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This book will be the first to leverage on recent breakthroughs in the rapid, high-throughput molecular profiling of pathogenic microorganisms, as well as text mining and the growing body of electronic sources of knowledge about the molecular epidemiology of pathogens with epidemic potential.

The distinctive feature of this book is that its focus on bioinformatics enabled approaches to pathogen detection, investigation and management of infections. This volume also details new methods of analyzing the genetic and geographic data of pathogens to reconstruct their evolution and to identify the migration routes through which the strains spread regionally and internationally.

This book will fill the existing gap in covering the bioinformatics aspects of infectious diseases and will complement numerous successful bioinformatics texts devoted to the mainstream of human genetics and cancer.
"Preface.- List of contributors.- 1 Informatics for Infectious Disease Research and Control.- 2 Bioinformatics of Microbial Sequences.- 3 Mining Databases for Microbial Gene Sequences.- 4 Comparative Genomics of Pathogens.- 5 Systems Microbiology: Gaining Insights in Transcriptional Networks.- 6 Host-Pathogen Systems Biology.- 7 Text Mining for Discovery of Host-Pathogen Interactions.- 8 A Network Approach to Understanding Pathogen Population Structure: from Host Networks to Antigen Networks.- 9 Computational Epitope Mapping.- 10 Pangenomic Reverse Vaccinology.- 11 Immunoinformatics: The Next Step in Vaccine Design.- 12 Understanding the Shared Bacterial Genome.- 13 Computational Grammars for Annotation and Interrogation of Mobile Genetic Elements.- 14 In silico Discovery of Chemotherapeutic Agents.- 15 Informatics for Healthcare Epidemiology.- 16 Automated, High-throughput Surveillance Systems for Public Health.- 17 Microbial Genotyping Systems for Infection Control.- 18 Temporal and Spatial Clustering of Bacterial Genotypes.- 19 Infectious Disease Ontology.- 20 Populations, patients, germs and genes - ethics of genomics and informatics in communicable disease control.- Glossary."
There are several reasons to be interested in infectious disease informatics. First, it is of practical significance to understand how the technology revolution has been reshaping infectious disease research and management, as rapid advances in geno- associated technologies have changed the very nature of the questions we can ask. Second, the emerging evidence has confirmed that the application of information technologies in healthcare enhances our ability to deal with infectious diseases. Finally, the implementation of electronic health records has created new and exciting opportunities for secure, reliable and ethically sound clinical decision support and biosurveillance guided by the genomics of pathogens with epidemic potential. This volume addresses the growing need for the critical overview of recent developments in microbial genomics and biomedical informatics relevant to the control of infectious diseases. This field is rapidly expanding, and attracts a wide audience of clinicians, public health professionals, biomedical researchers and computer scientists who are fascinated by the complex puzzle of infectious disease. This book takes a multidisciplinary approach with a calculated move away from the traditional health informatics topics of computerized protocols for antibiotic p- scribing and pathology testing. Instead authors invite you to explore the emerging frontiers of bioinformatics-guided pathogen profiling, the system microbiolo- enabled intelligent design of new drugs and vaccines, and new ways of real-time biosurveillance and hospital infection control. Throughout the book, references are made to different products supplied by public sources and commercial vendors, but this is not an endorsement of these products or vendors.