Assault on Kids

How Hyper-Accountability, Corporatization, Deficit Ideologies, and Ruby Payne are Destroying Our Schools
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Roberta Ahlquist
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402, Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education

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Contents: Annette Henry: Foreword - Roberta Ahlquist/Paul C. Gorski/Theresa Montaño: Introduction - Roberta Ahlquist: The 'Empire' Strikes Back via a Neoliberal Agenda: Confronting the Legacies of Colonialism - Sue Books: What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About «The Achievement Gap» - Ann Berlak: Can Standardized Teacher Performance Assessment Identify Highly Qualified Teachers? - Brian Lack: Anti-Democratic Militaristic Education: An Overview and Critical Analysis of KIPP Schools - Richard Lakes/Paul McLennan/Jennifer Sauer/Mary Anne Smith: Exposing the Myths of the Corporate City: Popular Education and Political Activism in Atlanta - Lisa Martin: Ground Zero in a Corporate Classroom - Virginia Lea: Why Aren't We More Enraged? - Paul C. Gorski: Unlearning Deficit Ideology and the Scornful Gaze: Thoughts on Authenticating the Class Discourse in Education - Monique Redeaux: A Framework for Maintaining White Privilege: A Critique of Ruby Payne - Theresa Montaño/Rosalinda Quintanar-Sarellana: Undoing Ruby Payne and Other Deficit Views of English Language Learners - Julie Keown-Bomar/Deborah Pattee: What's Class Got to Do with It? A Pedagogical Response to a Deficit Perspective.
Hyper-accountability, corporatization, deficit ideology, and Ruby Payne's preparation of teachers to comply with these and other atrocities are not merely markers of philosophical shifts in education. They are manifestations of a neoliberal remaking of public schooling into a private and corporate enterprise. Collectively, these trends are seen not just as an imposition, but as an assault on quality pedagogy; an assault on democratic ideals of equity and social justice; and an assault on kids compelled to participate simply because they are public school students. This edited collection is a response by critically-minded educators, activists, and scholars - both a reaction to and a call to action against these vilifications. It is critical reading for students, professors, administrators, and policy makers involved in public education.

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