Media Interventions

Afterword by Nick Couldry
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Kevin Howley
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Contents: Kevin Howley: Preface - Kevin Howley: Introduction - Anita Howarth: Newspaper Campaigning in Britain in the Late 1990s - Timothy Marjoribanks/Karen Farquharson/David Nolan/Michael Gawenda: Resources of Belonging: Assessing the Consequences of Media Interventions - Joshua D. Atkinson/Clayton Rosati: Media Intervention in the Struggle Over Cityscape - Inge Ejbye Sørensen: Newsjacking the Media: Video Ambushing and AV Astroturfing - Hilde Van den Bulck/Koen Panis/Nathalie Claessens: Putting the 'Fun' in Fundraising: The Serious Request and Music For Life Radio Telethons, Media, and Citizenship - Shayne Pepper: Public Service Entertainment: HBO's Interventions in Politics and Culture - Kathleen M. German: How Real Is Too Real? Court TV's Confessions - Siho Nam: Mainstream Media Interventions into Global Natural (or Not-So-Natural) Disasters - Kristin Skare Orgeret: Citizen Journalism - 16 Days of Activism in the Streets of Cape Town - Murray Forman: 'Hood Work: Hip-Hop, Media Literacy, and Youth Advocacy - Rosemary Day: Radio and the Irish Language - Charlotte Ryan/Karen Jeffreys/Taylor Ellowitz/Jim Ryczek: «I Mattered and It Mattered»: The Theory and Practice of Media Interventions - Victor Pickard: The Postwar Media Insurgency: Radio Activism from Above and Below - Joseph L. Terry: A 'Media Interventions' Approach to Understanding Canadian Cultural Policy and Popular Music - Arne Hintz: Media Activism and Advocacy: Policy Interventions in a Global Context - Jonas Andersson: Not Necessarily an Intervention: The Pirate Bay and the Case of File-Sharing - Adnan Hadzi: Critical Video Editing With FLOSS (Free, Libre, Open Source Software): The Deptford.TV Project - Jian Xu: Contesting Media Spectacle: Shanzhai Spring Festival Gala as Media Intervention - Brandon Butler/Kevin Howley: Guerrilla Newsfare: Conservative Activism, Stunt Journalism, and Media Power - Tamara Vukov: Noborder Media: Media/Art Interventions into Border Control by Migrant Justice Movements in France and Germany - Nick Couldry: Afterword.
This collection of essays, the first book-length treatment of its kind, explicates the concept of «media interventions», which are herein defined as activities and projects that secure, exercise, challenge or acquire media power for tactical and strategic action. Drawing on insights from media, communication and cultural studies, contributors offer penetrating analyses of media interventions in a variety of social, political, and cultural settings from culture jamming and DIY media to public relations campaigns and reality television shows. In doing so, the volume develops an analytical framework for examining the complex and contradictory operation of media power in contemporary society. Providing a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the uneven, fluid, and heterogeneous operation of media power, this volume breaks new ground on the theory and practice of media interventions and also contributes to and stimulates the development of a productive line of inquiry into the study of media interventions.