Global Citizenship Education in Post-Secondary Institutions

Theories, Practices, Policies. Foreword by Indira V. Samarasekera
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Lynette Shultz
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Contents: Indira V. Samarasekera: Preface - Lynette Shultz/Ali A. Abdi/George H. Richardson: Global Citizenship Education and the Role of the Academy: A Critical Introduction - Lynette Shultz: Engaging the Multiple Discourses of Global Citizenship Education within a Canadian University: Deliberation, Contestation, and Social Justice Possibilities - Ali A. Abdi: De-Monoculturalizing Global Citizenship Education: The Need for Multicentric Intentions and Practices - Shibao Guo/Mackie Chase/Li Cheng: Toward Global Citizenship: Implications for Internationalization of the Curriculum in Canadian Higher Education - Margaret-Ann Armour: The Global Community: Linked by Living on One Planet - Paul Tarc: Bridging (Representations of) the «Global Present» with the Life-World of the Classroom: Researching toward «Learning to Teach» Global Citizenship Education - Ranilce Guimaraes-Iosif: Rethinking Citizenship Education in Higher Education Institutions through the Lens of Critical Pedagogy: Educating the Local and Global Emancipated Citizen - George Richardson/Lucy De Fabrizio/Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh: «It's Overwhelming and Hard to Articulate»: Analyzing Student Narratives of an International Global Citizenship Education Field Experience - Naomi Krogman/Lee Foote: Global Citizenship and the Environment: Embracing Life in All Its Forms - Dalene Swanson: Parallaxes and Paradoxes of Global Citizenship: Critical Reflections and Possibilities of Praxis in/through an International Online Course - Vanessa Andreotti: The Question of the «Other» in Global Citizenship Education: A Postcolonial Analysis of Telling Case Studies in England - Mehdi Mahdavinia: An Evaluative Case Study of the UNICEF Global Education Project in Iran, 2000-2003 - Roberto Bezerra da Silva: Teaching Literature in English for Brazilian Undergraduate Students: Challenges and Possibilities - Shelane Jorgenson: Negotiating the Complexity Within: Tensions, Issues and Possibilities of Educating for Global Citizenship Abroad - Richard Rymarz: The Place of Religion in a Curriculum for Global Citizenship - Khalida Tanvir Syed: The Question of Global Citizenship in Teacher Education - Rhonda Friesen: Higher Education Consortia as Frameworks for Global Citizenship: Post-secondary Institutions as Corporate Global Citizens in a Globalized World - Michael Kariwo: African Higher Education and Global Citizenship Education: Some Perspectives from Zimbabwe - Nadya Weber: Global Education in Higher Education Institutions in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada: Complementarity and Conflict in the Global University - Evelyn Hamdon/Shelane Jorgenson: Policy Implications for Global Citizenship Education in Higher Education in an Age of Neo-liberalism.
Drawing on critical pedagogy, post-colonial analysis, hermeneutic interpretation, and reconceptualist curriculum frameworks, the twenty chapters in this edited collection address, from interrelated perspectives, a gap in the scholarly literature on the theory, practice, and policy of global citizenship and global citizenship education. The book provides readers with analyses and interpretations of the existing state of global citizenship education in post-secondary institutions, and stimulates discussion about the field at a time when there is an intense debate about the current drive to «internationalize» tertiary education and the role global citizenship education should play in that process. International and interdisciplinary in its examination of post-secondary global citizenship education, the book will be useful in courses that focus on policy formation, curriculum development and theorizing in the field.

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