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Stephane Ducasse
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"The goal of this book is to explain elementary programming concepts such as loops, abstractions, composition, and conditionals to novices of all ages. It teaches the core programming concepts based on simple problems, involving the manipulation of robots or "turtles" as frequently seen in school learning environments. The ideal reader wants to have fun programming. And the reader does not have to be fluent in any programming language before they pick up this book.
The chapters of this book are relatively small. The idea is that each chapter can be turned into a one or two hour lab session. This book creates a path to teach object-oriented programming and promote the encapsulation of data, but most readers will simply appreciate the delightful sequence of fun and easy-to-do exercises with a robot/turtle. TOC:From the Contents:
Getting Started.- A First Script and its Implications.- Of Robots and Men.- Directions and Angles.- Pica's Environment.- Fun with Robots.- Looping.- Variables.- Deeper into Variables.- Debugging.- Loops and Variables.- Composing Messages.- Methods: Named Message Sequences.- Composing Methods.- Parameters and Arguments.- Decomposing to Recompose.- Strings and Tools to Understand Programs.- Conditions.- Conditional Loops.- Boolean and Boolean Expressions.- Coordinates, Points and Absolute Moves.- Advanced Robot Behavior.- Simulating Animal Behavior.- A Tour of eToy.- A Tour of Alice.- Installation."
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Are you completely new to programming? Do you want to have fun learning to program?

Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots will teach you core programming concepts based on simple, visual problems that involve manipulation of robots, or "turtles." You will learn basic programming concepts like loops, abstractions, composition, and conditionals.

Each chapter is structured so that it can be turned into a one- or two-hour lab session. And while the structured content explains solid principles of object-oriented programming, you’ll just have fun going through the sequence of easy examples with the turtle.

And be sure to check out BotsInc, the companion learning environment for this book.

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