Expert Oracle JDBC Programming
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Expert Oracle JDBC Programming

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R.  M. Menon
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"With Oracle in the process of de-supporting SQLJ, JDBC is now really the only recommended means of interfacing between Java and Oracle. Consequently, this book is a must have for any developer building an Oracle Java application.
Many Java developers tend to treat Oracle as a "black box"; as a consequence, developers tend to write incorrect, non-scalable code. If you don't intimately know how Oracle works and expects you to program, you might avoid Oracle extensions to the standard for fear of your code becoming database-dependent. If you give in to that fear, you'll miss out on the extensive out-of-the-box functionality that Oracle offers. This book teaches you how to build efficient, high-performance, and robust Oracle-based JDBC applications. You'll discover the full details of Oracle's implementation of the JDBC 3.0 standard (what it supports, what it doesn't and what extensions Oracle provides), and more.
This book tackles issues head-on, detailing concisely and clearly the vital details of Oracle's architecture and mode of operation that directly impact the manner in which JDBC applications should be written. Only when armed with this knowledge, a willingness to exploit the database to its full potential in your JDBC code, and the ability to use Oracle's SQL and PL/SQL features when appropriate, is it possible to write truly efficient, robust, scalable and high performance applications. TOC:Setting Up.- Oracle Fundamentals.- Introduction to JDBC.- Statements.- Everything about ResultSets.- Oracle Objects and JDBC.- Manipulating Large Objects/Streaming Data Types.- Statement Caching.- Connection Pooling and Caching.- Advanced Oracle Security.- Locking Related Issues.- JDBC, PL/SQL and Performance.- Distributed Transactions."
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JDBC is the most commonly used API in Java to access and manipulate data in a database. Oracle is one of the most popular and scalable databases in the world. This book is a must-have for any developer building an application that employs JDBC on Oracle database. Unlike other JDBC books, this book has been written to complement not rehash the contents of Oracle JDBC documentation and the JDBC specification.

The book teaches you not just how to write JDBC code, but how to write effective JDBC code in a step-by-step fashion. This book does not assume any prior knowledge of JDBC, though it does assume basic knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL. It covers JDBC with a focus on writing high-performing, scalable and secure applications for Oracle 10g and 9i.

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