Beginning VB .NET 1.1 Databases
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Beginning VB .NET 1.1 Databases

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Dan Maharry
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"This is a book for beginning and intermediate VB.NET students who want to learn the core of VB.NET: database programming, and they want to learn by going on a journey with Peter Wright at the height of his powers.
Using the same iconoclastic drive that launched Peter Wright to a best selling author with his 'Beginning VB6' book from Wrox, Peter is back in business with a return to his best form. There are an array of VB.NET database books on the market, but Peter offers more than just a technical walkthrough: he takes the reader through a personal journey to expertise in VB.NET database programming.
Following the classical formula of a fast-paced tutorial, and the classical formula of mythological legend, this is a programming book that will stand out from the crowd in this busy space.

VB.NET is a powerful programming .NET programming language that is often considered the 'workhorse' of programming - and database programming in VB.NET accounts for a huge amount of the total programming effort taking place today. To understand VB.NET, and VB.NET database programming, is to be able to meet the every-day challenges faced in most programming projects today. Peter Wright enlivens this 'workhorse' topic with his own special style to bring learner and student programmers where they need to be on their way to expertise in today's VB.NET programming jobs. TOC:Installing MSDE.- A simple Data-driven Sample App.- Introduction to SQL.- What's ADO.NET? - Basic Rules.- Connecting to a Database.- Acquiring Data.- Using DataReader.- The DataSet and DataAdapter.- Data within Windows Applications.- Using Data in ASP.NET Pages.- Validating User Input.- Tables and Relationships.- More about SQL.- Views and Stored Procedures.- Indexes and Constraints.- Database Security.- ADO.NET and XML.- Handling ADO.NET Errors.- Transactions.- ADO.NET Events.- Irregular Data."
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It¿s odd, but when you start to learn VB .NET, or any other language for that matter, one topic that¿s seemingly glossed over in every book is how to work with data. Fair enough, there are other topics to cover as well; Web Forms, Windows Forms, security, and file access are pretty fundamental. But once you¿ve gotten beyond the language and asked, ¿So, what can I do with it?¿ you soon realize that almost every useful application uses (and abuses) data. Most real-world programs use data stored in relational databases, so every programmer needs to know how to access relational data. This book explains how to do this with VB .NET and ADO.NET. We¿ll start at the beginning with the installations you need, and then we¿ll cover ADO.NET 1.1, SQL, and relational databases. Then we¿ll go on to more advanced topics. Finally, we¿ll close with a brief look ahead to ADO.NET 2.0. By the end of this book, you¿ll be equipped to tackle the core topics in VB .NET database programming.

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