Advanced SharePoint Services Solutions
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Advanced SharePoint Services Solutions

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Scot P. Hillier
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This book will cover advanced techniques for programming web parts and SharePoint Services. It will also cover advanced integration techniques with related products such as BizTalk Server 2004 and Content Server. Intended for advanced developers who already know all of the basic SharePoint Services, this book will aid them as they solve specific advanced problems.
TOC:Customizing SharePoint Look and Feel (50)
Style sheets
SharePoint Data Structures (70)
SharePoint Web Services
SharePoint Database tables and stored procedures
Advanced Web Part Techniques (100)
Building a web part gallery
Using UserControls to create multi-page Web Parts
Writing your own search page
Writing audience-based web parts
Asynchronous Web Parts
XML Web Part that ships with SPS
Make your own web part templates
Licensing web parts
Uploading/downloading to libraries
Modifying the drop-down menus
Understanding IFilters
Advanced Office 2003 Integration (70)
Outlook integration
object model
Integrating tasks, events, contacts with SharePoint Services
Word integration
object model
Excel Integration
object Model
Integration with SharePoint Services lists
Understanding the Client-side API
Advanced Workflow Solutions (60)
InfoPath solutions
BizTalk Server 2004
Advanced Server Integration (70)
SQL Reporting Services
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Content Management server
Information Rights Management
"Customizing SharePoint Look and Feel (50)
No sooner had I finished my first book on SharePoint technologies titled Microsoft Share- Point: Building Office 2003 Solutions than Gary Cornell sent me an e-mail asking for a sequel. I thought about the concept for a while and began to realize that there was a definite need in the SharePoint community for a book that went beyond the basics of team sites and web part construction. Based on feedback from customers, postings on the Web, e-mail inquiries, and blogs, I realized that people were struggling to create real solutions with SharePoint techno- gies. Everyone understands the basics, but many are having difficulty overcoming certain l- itations, customizing sites, and integrating with other Microsoft technologies. As SharePoint gains hold, I am increasingly seeing development teams stretching the product to behave in new ways. Much of this effort involves changing the underlying XML structure of SharePoint or manipulating the content database directly. This is an area where some guidance is required because you can easily destroy a SharePoint installation by man- ulating either of these subsystems. Many teams are also drastically changing the navigation system that SharePoint uses. P- ular alternatives involve the use of tabs or treeview controls to present views of sites and inf- mation. Additionally, developers often want to significantly customize search capabilities and present the results in unique ways. These modifications can dramatically impact performance if not done correctly. Finally, developers are beginning to realize that SharePoint is more than just an intranet.

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