Protect You
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Protect You

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Sylvan Clarke
299 g
204x126x18 mm

This Third and last book of the 'Protect You' series has been comprehensively revised and updated to incorporate the New and Final addition titled 'Protect You - Communication Management' 'The Ultimate Self defence Guide' offers the complete 'Protect You' Trilogy in one exclusive book; ? Protect You - Communication Management ? Protect You - Understanding Bullying and Aggressive Behaviour ? Protect You - The Street Smart Way Self defence remains a worry for everyone and is integral to self preservation. Sylvan Clarke's books continue to provide practical advice on understanding modern day street psychology and the physics of self defence protection. Capturing and analysing the processes of struggle and management over conflict Sylvan shows how to develop better communications by improving the way in which unspoken messages and attitudes are exchanged to help develop and manage disruptive behaviour in a non confrontational way. The Ultimate Self defence Guide offers a complete and balanced account of the philosophy and skills required to deal with everyday challenges. It offers dozens of tested techniques and proven action strategies that show you how to; ? Be more assertive with friends, family members and difficult co-workers ? Defend yourself if physically attacked ? Develop your own complete self defence system. ? Empower you to take control of your life and enjoy new levels of personal success. This book is written in simple, clear language and is designed to provide immediate, practical and effective guidance on Self Defence Management to all readers. Includes two exclusive Short Stories written by Sylvan Clarke; The Hunter - A man and his dream and Queens Gambit - Sauce for the Goose.

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