For the Love of Letterpress
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For the Love of Letterpress

A printing Handbook for Instructors & Students
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Cathie Ruggie Saunders
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245x189x11 mm
Conveying the authors' love of the letterpress process and product, this book covers everything you need to know to create beautiful work. Beginning with the technology and history of type and the printed page, it continues with the fundamentals of measurement, terminology and the lay of the case. Guidance on planning the concept, gathering inspiration and critiquing your work will help you develop your skills or show you how to lead others to do so. The authors also show how contemporary digital processes are highly compatible with letterpress and have expanded its boundaries in the 21st century. A must for students who wish to learn letterpress and instructors as a handy reference.
A beautiful and covetable guide to the art of letterpress that combines practical instruction with a celebration of the rich tradition of printing letterforms and inspirational examples of contemporary artists' work.
Acknowledgements 1 The Sensual, Printed Artifact The Allure The Passion 2 The Historical Legacy: Connecting the Past and Future Frederic Goudy Oswald Cooper Robert Hunter Middleton 3 Printer's Primer Terminology Measurement Lay of the Case Spacing and Leading Setting Type by Hand Tying up the Form Alignment Ink Paper for Proofing Proofing 4 Press and Printing Paper The Vandercook Proof Press: "The Editioning Press" Lock-Up Press Operation Checking the Impression Makeready Registering Multiple Colors Editioning After Printing: Cleaning the Press Platen Presses (Chandler & Price) 5 Relief Matrices Foundry Type Monotype Linotype Ludlow Images Ornaments Woodcuts Wood Engraving Linoleum Cut Laser-Cut Materials Other 6 Contemporary Processes Found Objects and Other Materials Pressure Printing Split Fountain Debossing Printing without Ink Damping Monoprint Hand Inking Splatter Ghosting Backwards Transfer Floriated Initial Image Transfer Brayer Roll-Outs Stencil 7 Creating a Concept Sources of Inspiration Time 8 Envisioning the Object Structural Possibilities Relationship of Content and Structure The Function of Dummy Structures Choosing Appropriate Typefaces Choosing Appropriate Paper Choosing an Appropriate Color Palette The Colophon 9 Assessing the Object Envisioned Critique Format Models The Synergy of Form and Content 10 Gallery of Lettepress Conclusion Appendices Further Reading Additional Resources Letterpress Nomenclature (Glossary) Index
Covers everything craft-lovers need to know to make their own beautiful work from the basics of setting type by hand, and printing with contemporary techniques such as pressure printing, debossing and monoprint. Illustrated with a diverse range of international examples of both contemporary and traditional techniques.

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