World Politics since 1945
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World Politics since 1945

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Peter Calvocoressi
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This text presents an overview of the major events and people that have shaped world politics since the end of the Second World War in 1945, including the Cold War, the fall of communism, and the ascendancy of the nuclear powers.
World Politics Since 1945 Peter Calvocoressi Table of Contents List of MapsAcknowledgementsIntroduction PART ONE: THE COLD WAR 1 The Cold War Beginnings The division of Germany Nato and the Soviet empire to the Cuban crisis The arms race The perplexities of the United States The disintegration of the USSR The limits of superpower PART TWO: THE FAR EAST 2 Japan 3 China The triumph of Mao China and the superpowers Resurrection Xinjiang and Tibet 4 Korea PART THREE: EUROPE REMODELLED 5 Western Europe Recovery Franco-German entente Britain on the edge European Union (west) European Union (east - west) The southern flank 6 Central and eastern Europe Stalin's empire After Stalin End of empire 7 Yugoslavia and Albania Federated Yugoslavia Dissolution: Serbs, Croats and Slovenes Partition: Bosnia-Herzegovina Kosovo Macedonia and Albania Notes A Northern Ireland B The Basques C Cyprus PART FOUR: THE MIDDLE EAST 8 Islam 9 Turkey 10 The Arabs and Israel to the Suez War The creation of Israel Arab revolutions The Suez War 11 From Suez to the death of Nasser Reassessments The decline of Nasser and the Six-Day War 12 The destruction of Lebanon The Yom Kippur War Civil war Camp David Israel's invasion of Lebanon 13 Towards a Palestinian State King Hussein's diplomacy Israel's dilemma 14 Iran and Gulf Wars Oil and nationalism The shah and the ayatollah Saddam Hussein Kuwait and the Gulf War The destruction of Iraq 15 The Arabian Peninsula The Saudi kingdom The southern fringe Britain and the Persian Gulf Notes A The Kurds B The Shi'ites C Sectarian violence PART FIVE: SOUTH ASIA 16 The Indian subcontinent The first partition Northern borders: Tibet, Kashmir, the Himalayan states The second partition 17 The Indo-Chinese peninsula 18 South-east Asia and ASEAN 19 Afghanistan Notes A Central Asia B Sri Lanka PART SIX: AFRICA 20 General 21 North Africa The Maghrib Libya and Chad 22 West Africa Independence The coastal loop from Senegal to Benin Landlocked: Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger Nigeria 23 Central Africa Congo-Zaire-Congo Rwanda and Burundi West Central Africa 24 East Africa Sudan Darfur The Horn Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya 25 Africa's deep south The legacy of Cecil Rhodes Mozambique-Angola-Namibia South Africa 26 Russians, Cubans, Chinese Notes A The Malagasy Republic and the Indian Ocean B Botswana, Lesotho, Ngwane C The Homelands or Bantustans PART SEVEN: LATIN AMERICA 27 South America General 28 Central America 29 Cuba and the Caribbean Note Guyana and Surinam PART EIGHT: WORLD ORDER 30 World Order Preventing wars Preventing economic disasters Neutralism and realignment Poverty Notes A Canada B Very small states C The Poles D The law of the sea APPENDIX: THE SOVEREIGN STATE Index
9th edition. Survey of the global political scene, expanded to take into account the last 10 years.