Interior Finishes & Fittings for Historic Building Conservation

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Interior Finishes & Fittings for Historic Building Conservation complements Materials & Skills for Historic Building Conservation, combining the history and application of each material with current knowledge of maintenance and conservation techniques. Of direct practical application in the field, it takes the reader through the process of conserving historic interior finishes, covering everything from decorative plasterwork, joinery and paint colour; to chimneypieces, lighting and fire safety management.
The series is particularly aimed at construction professionals - architects, decorative arts historians and specifiers, surveyors, engineers - as well as postgraduate building conservation students and undergraduate architects and surveyors as specialist or optional course reading. The series is also of value to other professional groups such as commissioning client bodies, managers and advisors, and interested individuals involved in house refurbishment or setting up a building preservation trust. While there is a focus on UK practice, most of the content is of relevance overseas (just as UK conservation courses attract many overseas students, for example from India, China, Australia and the USA).

The chapters are written by leading conservators, historians, architects, and related professionals, who together reflect the interdisciplinary nature of conservation work.

This volume on the historic interior is the fourth of a series on Historic Building Conservation that combine conservation philosophy in the built environment with knowledge of traditional materials and structural and constructional conservation techniques and technology:
* Understanding Historic Building Conservation
* Structures & Construction in Historic Building Conservation
* Materials & Skills for Historic Building Conservation
* Interior Finishes & Fittings for Historic Building Conservation

While substantial publications exist on each of the subject areas - some by the authors of the Historic Building Conservation series - few individuals and practices have ready access to all of these or the time to read them in detail. The aim of the series is to introduce each aspect of conservation and to provide concise, basic and up-to-date knowledge within four volumes, sufficient for the professional to appreciate the subject better and to know where to seek further help.
Rezension"Michael Forsyth & Lisa White's Interior Finishes & Fittings for Historic Building Conservation, is an expert introduction to every aspect of the historic interior from wallpapers, paints and textiles to lighting and fire safety." (The Times, 24 December 2011) "This volume enriches the excellence established by its predecessors. This book references tons of good stuff, which all who operate in the conservation field should read over Christmas." (BD Building Design, 16 December 2011)
Preface viii

Contributors x

1. Conservation of the historic interior Michael Forsyth 1

Introduction 1

The presentation of historic interiors 1

Managing change 3

Building history and understanding signifi cance 4

'Reading' the classical interior 6

The fall and rise of craftsmanship 6

Joinery detailing: a case study 7

Finding 'forgotten spaces' 8

Conclusion 9

2. Stone fl oors Lisa White 11

Introduction 11

Materials 11

Floors 12

3. Cantilever or hanging stone stairs Ian Hume 19

How do they work? 19

Landings 21

Sources of problems 21

Investigation 22

Repairs 22

Load testing 23

Timber cantilever stairs 23

Conclusion 24

4. Decorative plasterwork: materials and methods David Bostwick 25

Introduction 25

Materials 26

Methods 28

Ceiling construction 32

Design 33

Finishes 34

Signifi cance 37

5. Woodwork Lisa White 41

Introduction: timber 41

Floors 42

Staircases 45

Panelling 49

Doors and doorcases 54

Architectural woodwork details 58

6. Metalwork and gilding Lisa White 61

Introduction 61

Staircases and balustrades 62

Architectural metal furniture 67

Gilding 72

7. Chimneypieces Lisa White 77

Introduction: early chimneypieces 77

Early chimney furniture 80

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century developments 80

Firegrates and chimney furniture 85

Victorian style 87

8. Wallpaper Treve Rosoman 93

Introduction 93

A brief history of wallpaper 93

Making hand-blocked wallpaper 94

Hand block printing 95

Designing wallpaper 98

The selling of wallpaper 98

Where and how to hang wallpaper 99

Dating and identifying wallpaper 102

9. Textiles Annabel Westman 105

Introduction 105

Wall hangings 107

Window curtains 113

Floor coverings 117

Conservation 121

Glossary 122

10. Ceramic and glass Lisa White 125

Early fl oor tiles 125

Tin-glazed earthenware or Delft tiles 127

Victorian tiles 129

Glass 132

Mirror glass 138

11. The impact of historic lighting Lisa White 143

Introduction 143

Providing artifi cial light 143

Managing artifi cial light 148

The impact of artifi cial light 154

The impact of technological change 156

Conclusion 160

12. Paint colour and paintwork Patrick Baty 163

Conservation projects 163

Traditional paint 164

Care when specifying 167

Lead as an exterior paint 168

Distemper 169

13. Recreating historic schemes of interior decoration James Finlay 173

Research 173

Recreating and interpreting historic schemes 183

House versus home 184

Conclusion 185

14. Environment in the historic interior David Drewe 187

Introduction 187

Considerations with respect to people, collections and the building fabric 187

Heating 190

The options 192

Maintenance and statutory requirements 194

Conclusion 194

15. Fire safety in Georgian houses Peter Norris 197

Introduction: legislation and guidance 197

Fire protection 198

Fire-resisting doors 200

Code-compliant solutions to fi re safety and means of escape 201

Flat conversions 201

Fire engineering 205

Mixed-use buildings containing living accommodation 210

BS9999: 2008 Code of practice for fi re safety in the design,

construction and use of buildings 210

Conclusion 211

Index 213
This volume on the historic interior is the fourth of a series on Historic Building Conservation that combines conservation philosophy in the built environment with knowledge of traditional materials and structural and constructional conservation techniques and technology.

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