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Ten Zen Seconds

Twelve Incantations for Purpose, Power and Calm
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Eric Maisel
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One. Introducing Ten Zen SecondsTwo. Breathing and ThinkingThree. The Twelve IncantationsFour. Incantation 1: I Am Completely StoppingFive. Incantation 2: I Expect NothingSix. Incantation 3: I Am Doing My WorkSeven. Incantation 4: I Trust My ResourcesEight. Incantation 5: I Feel SupportedNine. Incantation 6: I Embrace This MomentTen. Incantation 7: I Am Free of the PastEleven. Incantation 8: I Make My MeaningTwelve. Incantation 9: I Am Open to JoyThirteen. Incantation 10: I Am Equal to This ChallengeFourteen. Incantation 11: I Am Taking ActionFifteen. Incantation 12: I Return with StrengthSixteen. Using the Twelve IncantationsSeventeen. Choosing IncantationsEighteen. Combining, Customizing, and Creating Incantations -Nineteen. BookendsTwenty. Ten Zen Seconds Centering ExercisesTwenty-One. Introducing the Centering SequenceTwenty-Two. Practicing the Centering SequenceTwenty-Three. Customizing the Centering SequenceTwenty-Four. Centering in PublicTwenty-Five. Centering and Healing -Twenty-Six. Centering for PerformanceTwenty-Seven. In the VanguardTwenty-Eight. Your Centering PracticeAbout the Author
A powerful, ten-second technique can change stress into calm, strength and a centered approach. The basis of The Ten Second Pause is using a single deep breath as a container for a specific thought. This technique is simple to grasp, simple to use, simple to practice and simple to master. This technique can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone and it's profound in its benefits. You'll find yourself able to do things that previously felt too painful or too difficult to attempt. You'll be able to calm and center yourself before an important meeting or conversation. You'll be able to change your basic attitudes about life, becoming calm and positive where before you may have been anxious or pessimistic. Blending Eastern principles of breath awareness and mindfulness with Western principles of positive psychology, together they offer a powerful antidote to stress, procrastination and anxiousness.

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