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Harry Caray

Voice of the Fans
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Pat Hughes
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Preface -1 Voice of the Fans, CD Track 1- 2 The 1984 Cubs, CD Track 23 The 1964 Cardinals, CD Track 3 4 Harry's Childhood, CD Track 45 Joliet and Kalamazoo, CD Track 5 -6 Cardinals Radio, CD Track 67 Show Business and Fun, CD Track 78 Oakland, CD Track 89 White Sox, CD Track 910 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," CD Track 1011 The Cubs, CD Track 1112 The President Is On Line One, CD Track 1213 The 1989 Cubs, CD Track 1314 Cooperstown, CD Track 1415 Personal Memories, CD Track 1516 Farewell, CD Track 16
WGN announcer Pat Hughes presents Harry Caray: Voice of the Fans, an audio/photo tribute to Chicago and St Louis sports broadcaster Harry Caray, one of the most beloved figures in baseball. Caray's personality was as much a part of his charm as his broadcasting skill, and even ten years after his death, baseball fans across the country recall Caray fondly, both for his play-by play calls and his genuinely excited "Holy Cow!" exclamations during the games.Pat Hughes has compiled Caray's most famous calls and broadcasts onto a CD that accompanies the book. By combining Harry's voice with photos and stories of the Cards and Cubs, Harry Caray: Voice of the Fans will give readers not only a fond memory of Caray, but also a "where were you when...?" for many famous games, such as Ryne Sandberg's double game-tying home runs in 1984.

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