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Little League, Big Dreams

The Extraordinary Story of Baseball's Most Improbable Champions
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Charles Euchner
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Pregame: "Put Me In, Coach"Chapter 1: "The Greatest Sporting Event on the Planet" -Chapter 2: Arriving at the Show -Chapter 3: The Rise of Little League -Chapter 4: Working Class Champs from Paradise -Chapter 5: Little League Dynasty in the Caribbean-Chapter 6: Training to Win -Chapter 7: Now Pitching for Faust... -Chapter 8: Hustling -Chapter 9: Faith and Survival -Chapter 10: It's Not Whether You Win or Lose... -Chapter 11: The Future Is Here -Chapter 12: How They Play the Game -Chapter 13: The Greatest Little League World Series Ever -Chapter 14: The Life of Champions -Postgame: Finding the Soul of Little League -Appendix -Acknowledgments -Index -
It's just like the pros: bright lights, screaming fans, squawking commentators and five million people watching you play your heart out on national television for the right to be called champions. But these are not pampered multimillion-dollar athletes; they are 11- to 13-year-old kids.The 2005 World Series was the most dramatic in the 58-year history of the Little League. With full access to the players, coaches and parents associated with both teams who played in that game, Charles Euchner delivers an astonishing and dramatic narrative that delves into every aspect of the little league game."Even those with only a passing interest in baseball will be intrigued by this fascinating look at Little League, 'the largest amateur sports organization in the world.'"-Publishers Weekly"Readers can expect to learn a great deal about the history of Little League and the stories behind many teams. This well-written book will inform and entertain."-Library Journal

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