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Let Every Nation Know

John F. Kennedy in His Own Words
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Robert Dallek
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ForewordJFK: A Life Part One: The Pre-Presidential SpeechesIntroduction1: The Power of the PresidencyJanuary 14, 19602: The Nomination SecuredJuly 15, 19603: The "So-Called Religious Issue"September 12, 19604: The First DebateSeptember 26, 19605: The Second DebateOctober 7, 19606: The Third DebateOctober 13, 19607: The Fourth DebateOctober 21, 19608: A City upon a HillJanuary 9, 1961Part Two: 1961Introduction9: The Inaugural AddressJanuary 20, 196110: The Peace CorpsMarch 1, 196111: The Alliance for ProgressMarch 13, 196112: The Bay of PigsApril 20, 1961 and April 21, 196113: The Presidency and The PressApril 27, 196114: A Man on the MoonMay 25, 196115: Preparing for WarJuly 25, 196116: A Nuclear Sword of DamoclesSeptember 25, 1961Part Three: 1962Introduction17: The Celebrity PresidentJanuary 20, 196218: Hammering Big SteelApril 11, 196219: A Declaration of InterdependenceJuly 4, 196220: Why Go to the Moon?September 12, 196221: Mississippi BurnsSeptember 30, 196222: The Cuban Missile CrisisOctober 22, 1962Part Four: 1963Introduction23: A Vision of PeaceJune 10, 196324: The Nation's Moral CrisisJune 11, 196325: Ich bin ein BerlinerJune 26, 196326: Ireland's Favorite SonJune 28, 196327: "A Spirit of Hope"July 26, 196328: "The Clouds Have Lifted"September 30, 196329: The Arts and PoliticsOctober 26, 196330: Watchmen on the Walls of FreedomNovember 22, 1963
Let Every Nation Know is the first book of its kind-a historical biography in Kennedy's own words. Combining a remarkable audio CD of Kennedy's most famous speeches, debates and press conferences with the insights of two of America's preeminent historians, the result is a unique look at the world-changing words and presidency of John F. Kennedy.Robert Dallek, author of the #1 bestselling biography An Unfinished Life, and Terry Golway, author of Washington's General, bring to life the soaring oratory, marvelous wit and the intense drama of Kennedy's words and the events they evoke."I had forgotten just how powerful these speeches were but the CD brings them to life once more and Dallek and Golway have done a masterful job of putting them into context."-Bob Schieffer, CBS News

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