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The Best Pittsburgh Sports Arguments

The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Fans
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John Mehno
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IntroductionHere we go, SteelersWhat were the Steelers' five most memorable games?Did the Steelers make a mistake by not drafting Dan Marino? Who were the Steelers' most important first-round draft picks?Did Chuck Noll stay too long?Why is Steelers founder Art Rooney so beloved?What if the Steelers had to choose?Jack Ham or Jack Lambert?Lynn Swann or John Stallworth?Lynn Swann or Hines Ward?Franco Harris or Jerome Bettis?Were steroids the Steelers' secret weapon in the 1970s?What was the biggest mistake the Steelers ever made?Did the Steelers hire Mike Tomlin because of the "Rooney Rule"?Who were the Steelers' five greatest "sleeper" draft picks?What were the Steelers' five worst first-round draft picks?Who was the most dangerous coach in Steelers history?What are the top reasons Steelers fans will miss Bill Cowher?Are there any more Super Bowl-era Steelers who should be in the Hall of Fame?Was the Super Bowl XXX loss really Neil O'Donnell's fault?We Are the Non-ChampionsWho would make the Steelers all-time team (non-ring division)?Wide receiversTight endTacklesGuards -CenterQuarterbackRunning backs -EndsTacklesOutside linebackersMiddle linebackerCornerbacksSafetiesSpecialists: kicker and punter Pirates TreasureWere the 1979 Pirates really a "family"?Was Barry Bonds really that bad of a guy? What was the biggest break the Pirates got in the 1960 World Series? Why did the Pirates retire Billy Meyer's number? Should they have done so?How did the Pirates go from powerhouse to laughingstock?Who's the better player: Dave Parker or Brian Giles?Which Pirates manager had the most unusual career?Who's better: Roberto Clemente or Barry Bonds?What were the Pirates' five best trades?What were the Pirates' five worst trades?Do Al Oliver and Dave Parker deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? -Did Dock Ellis really pitch a no-hitter under the influence of LSD?Why did the Pirates have attendance problems in the 1970s?What were the Pirates' worst signings?Penguins PointsWho was the Penguins' best player before Mario Lemieux?Who were the Penguins' best fighters?What were the Penguins' five best trades?What were the Penguins' five worst trades?What was the Penguins' biggest draft blunder?Who really saved hockey in Pittsburgh?What were Craig Patrick's best moves as Penguins general manager?What were the signs it was time for Craig Patrick to leave?What were Mario Lemieux's five greatest moments?What other numbers should the Penguins retire?What is the Penguins' foolproof plan for building a winner? -Did the Penguins seriously consider trading the first draft pick in 1984?Were the bankrupt Penguins the victims of the NHL's wild spending?Pittsburgh PlacesWas Forbes Field really that great?Was Three Rivers Stadium really that bad?What will Pittsburghers miss most about Mellon Arena?On the AirWhich Pittsburgh athlete went on to the most accomplished broadcasting career?Which Pittsburgh broadcaster deserves Hall ofFame consideration?What were Bob Prince's best nicknames?What were the worst ideas in the history of Pittsburgh sports broadcasting?What was the best commercial involving a Pittsburgh player?What are the most memorable catch-phrases in Pittsburgh sports broadcasting? Was a sportscaster justified in swearing on the air after the Pirates lost the 1972 playoffs?Arts and LettersWhat was Vince Lascheid's greatest hit?What was the best Pittsburgh sports movie?What's the best Steelers song?What's the best Pirates song? -What are the five best books about Pittsburgh sports?Pittsburgh PeopleWhat were Pittsburgh's most famous family feuds? -Who were Pittsburgh's most famous sports couples? -Who is Pittsburgh's greatest sports character?Who had the careers that made you say, "Is that all there is?"Who are the biggest unsung heroes of Pittsburgh sports?Who were the most obscure members ofPittsburgh's championship teams?Hits and MissesWhat were the best Pittsburgh teams that didn'twin championships?What were Pittsburgh's five greatest sports fashion mistakes?Who were the biggest tortured souls ofPittsburgh sports?Who are five famous players no one remembers wearing a Pittsburgh uniform? Who were Pittsburgh's greatest flashes in the pan?What was Pittsburgh's worst sports hire?They're 'Burgh ThingsWhat was Pittsburgh's best now-defunct franchise?Who are Pittsburgh's most hated opponents?Which Pittsburgh sports figure deserves the next statue? -What is Pittsburgh's most endearing sports quirk?What are Pittsburgh's most annoying sports quirks?Who are five great villains of Pittsburgh sports?What was better, Studio Wrestling or Bowling for Dollars?Burning QuestionsWhy doesn't Pittsburgh have an NBA team?Who are the top-five quarterbacks produced by western Pennsylvania?Who was the better professional wrestler, Bruno Sammartino or Kurt Angle?Which was the better meltdown, Bill Cowher's stuffed shirt or Lloyd McClendon's stolen base?What was western Pennsylvania's greatest high school basketball team?Who were the greatest influences on Pitt athletics?Is there anything sports-related that's better in Cleveland than Pittsburgh?IndexAcknowledgmentsAbout the Author
100 great sports debates for each city-from who was the best coach to what was the best play of all time.The perfect gift for sports fans-the series that's sweeping the nation, and is already a hit in Boston, Chicago and New York.The best debates for rabid fansThe Best Sports Arguments gives each city or region all the best arguments of their hometown teams, with expert answers from top sports media figures. In fact, the Best Sports Arguments series is the #1 sports debates series on the market! Why?--Each book features 100 debates, the most of any series!--Each city's book is written by authors well-known in the region, leading to fan recognition and media interest.--They make perfect gifts for sports fans of any age.--And the debates go on!

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