X-Ray Lasers 2008
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X-Ray Lasers 2008

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference, August 17-22, 2008, Belfast, Northern Ireland
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Ciaran Lewis
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130, Springer Proceedings in Physics

Comprehensive source of reference of the acknowledged state of the art in this specific area of laser and plasma physics
Progress in X-Ray Laser Facilities and Infrastructures.- Recent Progress in X-Ray Laser Research in JAEA.- Recent Advances on LASERIX Facility: Development of XUV Sources System and Applications. Perspectives from 2008 to 2010.- Recent Progress in Grazing-Incidence-Pumped X-Ray Lasers at Uni-BE.- Review on Recent High Intensity Physics Experiments Relevant to X-Ray and Quantum Beam Generation at JAEA.- Towards an 100 Hz X-Ray Laser Station.- Versatile High-Energy and Short-Pulse Operation of PHELIX.- Central Laser Facility High Power Laser Capabilities Applied to X-Ray Laser Science.- TARANIS: A Pump Source for X-Ray Lasers.- Photon Frontier Network.- Transient Collisional X-Ray Lasers.- Grazing Incidence Pumping (GRIP): Single- vs. Double- Pulse Arrangement.- An Improved Double-Pulse Non-Normal Incidence Pumping Geometry for Transient Collisionally Excited Soft X-Ray Lasers.- Generation of the Circularly Polarized X-Ray Laser Using the Pulse-Power Magnet.- Gain Saturation of the Ni-like Antimony Laser at 11.4 nm in Grazing-Incidence Pumping Geometry.- Temporal Coherence and Spectral Line Shape of a GRIP Transient X-Ray Laser.- High Repetition Rate X-Ray Lasers.- High Coherence Injection-Seeded Table-Top Soft X-Ray Lasers at Wavelengths Down to 13.2 nm.- Characterization of a Seeded Optical-Field Ionized Collisional Soft X-Ray Laser.- Investigation on the Spatial Properties of Silver X-Ray Laser Using GRIP Schemes.- Spatial Filtering of High Order Harmonics by an OFI Plasma Amplifier.- New Driver Laser System for Double Target X-Ray Lasers at JAEA.- Optical-Field-Ionised (OFI) X-Ray Lasers.- Toward Ultraintense Compact RBS Pump for Recombination 3.4 nm Laser via OFI.- High Brightness Optical-Field-Ionization X-Ray Lasers Driven in Plasma Waveguides.- Temporal Coherence and Spectral Linewidth of a Seeded Soft X-Ray Laser Pulse.- Theory and Simulations.- The Scaling of Recombination Following Tunnel Ionisation and its Suitability for Generating X-Ray Laser Gain.- Advances in Understanding the Anomalous Dispersion of Plasmas in the X-Ray Regime.- Recent Developments on Seeded or Unseeded Transient X-Ray Lasers.- Influence of the number of atomic levels on the modelling of collisional X-ray lasers.- Modelling of Capillary Z-Pinch Recombination Pumping of Hydrogen-Like Ion EUV Lasers.- Propagation of a High-Harmonic Pulse Through a Population-Inverted Medium.- Modeling of an Ultra-Short X-Ray Laser Pulse Amplification Through an Optical-Field-Ionized Gas Using a Maxwell-Bloch Treatment.- Effects of Inhomogeneous Incident Line Focus on 2D Hydrodynamic Behaviour of X-Ray Laser Plasma on Slab.- Excitation Rates for Transitions in Ne-Like Ni XIX.- Conversion Efficiency Calculations for Soft X-Rays Emitted from Tin Plasma for Lithography Applications.- Theoretical Investigation of Photo-pumping X-Ray Lasers Using K? Line from Solid Target.- High Harmonic Generation (HHG).- Coherent Water-Window X-Ray Generation by Phase-Matched High Harmonics in Neutral Media.- Relativisitically Oscillating Mirrors - an Ultrabright Attosecond Source.- Spectral Characteristics of Strong High-Harmonics Generated in a Two-Color Laser Field.- Diffraction Limited Harmonic Emission from Laser Produced Plasmas.- XUV Optics and Applications of X-Ray Lasers.- X-Ray Lasers as Probes of Plasma Parameters.- Advances in Nanoscale Resolution Soft X-Ray Laser Microscopy.- Experimental Diagnosis of Plasma Jets by Using X-Ray Laser.- Soft X-Ray Holography with Wavelength Resolution.- Ablation Measurements Using Ni-Like Ag X-Ray Laser Transmission.- High Sensitive Characterization of Microdomain Structures in PZN-PT (91/09) by Means of Coherent Soft X-Ray Laser Speckle.- Warm Photoionized Plasmas Created by Soft X-Ray Laser Irradiation of Solid Targets.- Development of Multilayer Optics in EUV, Soft X-Ray and X-Ray Range at IPOE.- Highly Efficient Surface Modification of Solids by Dual Action of XUV/Vis-NIR Laser Pulses.- Strand Breaks in DNA Samples Induced with LAS
The 11th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers had contributions in the following topical areas: Transient Collisional X-Ray Lasers, Table-Top High Repetition Rate X-Ray Lasers, Optical-Field Ionised (OFI) X-Ray Lasers, Theory and Simulation of X-Ray Lasers, High Order Harmonic Generation, XUV Optics and X-Ray Laser Applications, Capillary Discharge X-Ray Lasers, Alternative Sources of coherent XUV Radiation.The proceedings of this conference constitute a comprehensive source of reference for scientists involved in researching the development and application of coherent X-Ray sources.

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