A Comparison of the Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems
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A Comparison of the Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems

Proceedings of the Sixth Alexander Von Humboldt Colloquium on Celestial Mechanics Bad Hofgastein (Austria), 21-27 March 2004
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Rudolf Dvorak
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ANDREA MILANI and ZORAN KNEZEVIC / From Astrometry to Celestial Mechanics: Orbit Determination with Very Short Arcs RUDOLF DVORAK and RICHARD SCHWARZ / On the stability regions of the Trojan asteroids CHRISTOS EFTHYMIOPOULOS / Formal Integrals and Nekhoroshev Stability in a Mapping Model for the Trojan Asteroids P. ROBUTEL, F. GABERN and A. JORBA / The Observed Trojans and the Global Dynamics Around the Lagrangian Points of the Sun-Jupiter System KLEOMENIS TSIGANIS, HARRY VARVOGLIS and RUDOLF DVORAK / Chaotic Diffusion and Effective Stability of Jupiter Trojans O. MILONI, S. FERRAZ-MELLO and C. BEAUGÉ / Analytical Proper Elements for the Hilda Asteroids I: Construction of a Formal Solutions BÁLINT ÉRDI and ZSOLT SÁNDOR / Stability of Co-orbital Motion in Exoplanetary Systems C. MARCHAL / The General Solution of the Planar Laplace Problem DIONYSSIA PSYCHOYOS and JOHN D. HADJIDEMETRIOU / Dynamics of 2/1 Resonant Extrasolar Systems Application to HD82943 and GLIESE876 C. KALAPOTHARAKOS and N. VOGLIS / Global Dynamics in Self-Consistent Models of Elliptical Galaxies G. CONTOPOULOS and M. HARSOULA / Chaotic Motions in the Field of Two Fixed Black Holes J. E. HOWARD / Discrete Virial Theorem CLAUDE FROESCHLÉ , MASSIMILIANO GUZZO and ELENA LEGA / Local and Global Diffusion Along Resonant Lines in Discrete Quasi-Integrable Dynamical Systems YI-SUI SUN, LI-YONG ZHOU and JI-LIN ZHOU / The Role of Hyperbolic Invariant Sets in Stickiness Effects H. LAMMER, YU. N. KULIKOV, T. PENZ, M. LEITNER, H. K. BIERNAT and N. V. ERKAEV / Stellar-Planetary Relations: Atmospheric Stability as a Prerequisite for Planetary Habitability W. VON BLOH, C. BOUNAMA and S. FRANCK / Dynamic Habitability of Extrasolar Planetary Systems
Bad Hofgastein who made the very successful Salzburger Abend with indi- nous music from Salzburg possible. Special thanks also to the former director of the Institute of Astronomy in Vienna, Prof. Paul Jackson for his generous private donation. We should not forget our hosts Mr. and Mrs. Winkler and their employees from the hotel who made the stay quite enjoyable. None of us will forget the very last evening, when the staff of kitchen under the le- ership of the cook himself came to offer us as farewell the famous Salzburger Nockerln, a traditional Austrian dessert. Everyone got a lot of scienti?c input during the lectures and the discussions and, to summarize, we all had a spl- did week in Salzburg in the Hotel Winkler. We all hope to come again in 2008 to discuss new results and new perspectives on a high level scienti?c standard in the Gasteinertal. Rudolf Dvorak and Sylvio Ferraz-Mello Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy (2005) 92:1 18 © Springer 2005 DOI 10. 1007/s10569-005-3314-7 FROM ASTROMETRY TO CELESTIAL MECHANICS: ORBIT DETERMINATION WITH VERY SHORT ARCS (Heinrich K. Eichhorn Memorial Lecture) 1 2 ? ANDREA MILANI and ZORAN KNEZEVIC 1 Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa, via Buonarroti 2, 56127 Pisa, Italy, e-mail: milani@dm. unipi. it 2 Astronomical Observatory, Volgina 7, 11160 Belgrade 74, Serbia and Montenegro, e-mail: zoran@aob. bg. ac.