Scientific and Technical Issues in the Management of Spent Fuel of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines
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Scientific and Technical Issues in the Management of Spent Fuel of Dec

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NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
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"The Book represents a collection of papers prepared for and presented by specialists of seven concerned countries in the fourth Advanced Research Workshop (ARW), Moscow, September 22-24, 2004, sponsored and organized within the framework of the NATO-Russia partnership.
Preface.- Overview of the Three Previous (1995, 1997 and 2002) NATO-Russia Workshops. General Issues of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management.- Spent Fuel of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines: Questions to be Addressed; Alain TOURNYOL DU CLOS.- Justification of Priority Lines and Objectives when Resolving the Challenges of Complex Decommissioning of Nuclear Submarines; A.A. Sarkisov.- General Policy and Strategy for French Naval Spent Fuel Management; J. Chenais.- Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Finland: Policy, Past and Present Practices, Plans for the Future; E. Ruokola.- Swedish Strategy and Experience in Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management; L.G. Larsson.- Spent Fuel Management in the United Kingdom; A.S. Daniel.- The DTI FSU Nuclear Legacy Programme: Spent Nuclear Fuel Management at Andreeva Bay; J. Smith-Briggs.- Implementation of the Concept and the Program of Complex Decommissioning of Nuclear Submarines, Nuclear-Powered Surface Ships and Maintenance Vessels and Rehabilitation of Radiation-Hazardous Facilities: Main Results and Unresolved Problems; V.A. Shishkin.- Spent Fuel Management Policy in U.S; O. Keener Earle.- Actual Problems in Implementation of the International Agreements under the G8 Global Partnership Cooperation Program at FEP 'Zvezda'; Y.P. Shulgan.- AMEC Program's Role in the Management of Spent Fuel from Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines; D. Rudolph.- Concept of Complex Decommissioning of Civil Nuclear Powered Surface Ships and Maintenance Vessels; V.I. Jaroch.- Unloading, Storage and Subsequent Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel of Liquid-Metal-Coolant Reactors: Actual Status and Problems; S.V. Ignatiev.- Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) and Radioactive Waste (RW). Management of Non-Standard SNF. RW Processing. Analysis of Potential Emergencies During SNF and RW Management. Enhancing the Efficiency of Radiological Monitoring and On-line Emergency Response in Caseof Sinking of Taken-out-of-Service Radiation-Hazardous Objects; V.L. Vysotskiy.- Safe Shipment of Naval Spent Nuclear Fuel; V.D. Ushakov.- Main Peculiarities of Managing Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste during Complex Decommissioning of Nuclear Submarines in the Kamchatka Region; A.O. Pimenov.- Nuclear and Radiation Safety during Long-Term Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel of Land-Based Reactor Facility Stands-Prototypes 27/VT And KM-1; D.V. Pankratov.-Defueling of Retired Nuclear Submarines; A.V. Timofeev.- Methods for Analytical and Experimental Justification of Nuclear and Radiation Safety during Unloading and Storage of Spent Removable Parts from Nuclear Submarine Liquid Metal Reactors; I.E. Somov.- Justification of a Possibility of Compacted Storage of Naval Spent Nuclear Fuel; M.I. Rylov.- Spent Nuclear Fuel Carriage by Sea; V.M. Pashin.- Module Complex to Process Low-active Liquid Radioactive Waste; V.N. Epimakhov.- Foreign Assistance for Handling Spent Nuclear Naval Fuel in Russia: Setting Priorities; C. Chuen.- Management of Damaged and Non-Reprocessible Spent Nuclear Fuel; N.G. Sandler.- A Long-Term Mothballing Technology for Reactor Compartments with Damaged Cores; O.E. Muratov.- Standard and Regulatory Support of Safe Management of Non-Standard Spent Nuclear Fuel of Floating Storage Vessel; A.J. Shulgin.- Long-Term Safe Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel from Ship Power Units in Underground Storage Facility in The North-West Region of Russia; N.N. Melnikov.- Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage. Problems of Remediation of Contaminated Facilities, Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems.- Radiation Risk during Waterborne Storage of Non-Defuelled Reactor Compartment Units; A.J. Blekher.-Actual Status and Top-Priority Proposals on Rehabilitation of a Radiation-Hazardous Facility at Gremikha CMB; B.S. Stepennov.- Complex Radiological Survey of Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in the Vicinity of Nuclear Submarine Waterborne Storage Centers and Dismantling Enterprises; S.M. Vaku
Similar to the three previous publications, which collected the materials of the NATO-Russia ARWs held in Moscow in 1995, 1997 and 2002, this fourth book addresses a very important challenge of the present complex decommissioning of the nuclear-powered vessels taken out of service and environmental rehabilitation of the centers of basing and everyday running of different-type nuclear vessels. The fourth book specifically focuses on the scientific and technical problems of management of naval spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. Some papers address the first results of the 'Strategic Master-plan ('Master-plan') for complex decommissioning of Russian nuclear-powered vessels' developed in Russia with active participation and large financial support of the international community. This fourth book, taken together with the papers of the three previous NATO ARWs published earlier, represents the most complete collection of materials on complex decommissioning of nuclear-powered vessels including the spent nuclear fuel management-related challenge.

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