Frontiers in Planar LightWave Circuit Technology: Design, Simulation, and Fabrication
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Frontiers in Planar LightWave Circuit Technology: Design, Simulation,

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Siegfried Janz
470 g
240x161x20 mm
216, NATO Science Series II: Mathem

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Frontiers in Planar Lightwave Circuit Technology, Ottawa, Canada, September 21-25, 2004
In depth reviews of current developments waveguide and microphotonics research
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Microphotonics: Current challenges and applications; S. Janz et al.- 2. Micro-optical resonators for microlasers and integrated optoelectronics; T.M. Benson et al.- 3. Advanced modeling of high contrast photonic structures; J. Ctyroký et al.- 4. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors and their applications in food safety and security; J. Homola.- 5. Optical biosensor devices as early detectors of biological and chemical warfare agents; L.M. Lechuga et al.- 6. Modelling of one-dimensional nonlinear periodic structures by direct integration of Maxwell's equations in frequency domain; J. Petrácek.- 7. Propagation of optical pulses through non-linear planar waveguides with junctions; E.A. Romanova et al. 8. Efficient frequency-doubling of femtosecond pulses in waveguide and bulk nonlinear crystals: Design, fabrication, theory and experiment; B. Agate et al.- 9. H:LiNbO3 and H:LiTaO3 planar optical waveguides: Formation and characterization; I. Savova, I. Savainova.- 10. Highly efficient broad-band waveguide grating coupler with a sub-wavelength grating mirror; P. Cheben et al.- 11. Integrated optics design: Software tools and diversified applications; C. Wächter.
The contributions to this book constitute an excellent record of many key issues and scientific problems in planar lightwave circuit research. There are detailed overviews of experimental and theoretical work in high index contrast waveguide systems, micro-optical resonators, nonlinear optics, and advanced optical simulation methods, as well as articles describing emerging applications of integrated optics for medical and biological applications.

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