Levinas Concordance
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Levinas Concordance

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Cristian Ciocan
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"This work is the first Levinas Concordance. The particularity of this index is that it covers on all the 28 books published by Levinas in French.
Introduction.- List of Abbreviations.- General Index of French Terms.- General Index of Proper Names.- Index of Hebrew, Biblical and Talmudic Proper Names.- Index of Hebrew Terms.- Index of Greek Terms.- Index of Latin Terms.- Index of German Terms.- Index of Works.
The importance of Emmanuel Levinass thinking is well established in contemporary philosophy. Especially after the publication of his mast- pieces Totalité et infini (1961) and Autrement quêtre ou au-delà de lessence (1974), Levinass philosophy has acquired a world-wide recognition, being largely considered as marking a distinct epoch in the development of Continental Philosophy. Levinass works are now widely translated and the international cir- lation of his ideas makes him an avant-garde figure of contemporary phil- ophy. However, the spreading of Levinass philosophy into diverse areas of present-day thinking surpasses the frontiers of the phenomenological mo- ment. The concrete impact of the Levinasian philosophy upon the various directions of thinking from ontology and ethics to Jewish thought, theo- gy, aesthetics or feminism attests moreover the great significance of this singular figure of our times. For more than three decades now his philosophy has come to be the subject of many doctoral theses, articles and books. The complete Levinas bibliography counts currently thousands of titles in more than ten l- guages. The important contribution that a Levinas Concordance would bring as a valuable instrument for exegetes, researchers, translators etc. is obvious in such a prolific scholarly field.