Recent Advances in Design and Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning
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Recent Advances in Design and Decision Support Systems in Architecture

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"The International conference on Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning is organised bi-annually by the Eindhoven University of Technology. This volume contains a selection of papers from the seventh conference that was held at De Ruwenberg Castle in Sint-Michiels Gestel, The Netherlands, from 2 to 5 July, 2004.

Traditionally, the DDSS conferences aim to be a platform for both starting and experienced researchers who focus on the development and application of computer support in the areas of urban planning and architectural design. This results in an interesting mix of well-established research projects and first explorations. It also leads to a very valuable cross-over of theories, methods, and technologies for support systems in the two different areas, architecture and urban planning. This volume contains 22 peer reviewed papers from this year's conference that are organised into five sections:

* Applications of Artificial Intelligence,
* Visualisation fro Design and Decision Support,
* Simulation and Agent Technology,
* Design Research and Design Support Systems,
* Geographical Information Systems.
Together, these papers provide an excellent overview of the latest results in research and development of design and decision support systems in architecture and urban planning."
"Preface. International Scientific Committee. Introduction.
Applications of Artificial Intelligence. Applications of Neural Networks for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Turkey; E. Yesilnacar, G.J. Hunter. An Evaluation of Neural Spatial Interaction Models Based on a Practical Application; A. Akamine, A.N. Rodrigues da Silva. Improved Understanding of Urban Sprawl Using Neural Networks; L. Diappi, P. Bolchi, M. Buscema.
Visualisation for Design and Decision Support. Using On-Line Geographical Visualisation Tools to Improve Land Use Decision-Making with a Bottom-Up Community Participatory Approach; C. Pettit, A. Nelson, W. Cartwright. A Spatial Decision Support System for the Management of Public Housing; J. Barton, B. Parolin, V. Weiley. Visualisation of Usable Building Space According to Planning Permission Ordinances for Public Participation in District Plan in Japan; Z.J. Shen, M. Kawakami. A Comparison of 3D Visualisation Technologies and their User Interfaces with Data Specific to Architecture; R. Göttig, J. Newton, S. Kaufmann. Color Your Feeling; Ji-Hyun Lee, Wei Qian.
Simulation and Agent Technology. Using Bayesian Decision Networks for Knowledge Representation under Conditions of Uncertainty in Multi-Agent Land Use Simulation Models; L. Ma, T.A. Arentze, A.W.J. Borgers, H.J.P. Timmermans. Towards a Generic Multi-Agent Engine for the Simulation of Spatial Behavioural Processes; O.T.J. Devisch, H.J.P. Timmermans, T.A. Arentze, A.W.J. Borgers. Crowd Modeling and Simulation; S. Bandini, S. Manzoni, G. Vizzari. Using a Spatial Microsimulation Decision Support System for Policy Scenario analysis; D. Ballas, R. Kingston, J. Stillwell. Cellular Automata Modeling for Fire Spreading as a Tool to Aid Community-Based Planning for Disaster Mitigation; A. Ohgai, Y. Gohnai, S. Ikaruga, M. Murakami, K. Watanabe.
Design Research and Design Support Systems. Augmented Reality Meeting Table: a Novel Multi-User Interface for Architectural Design; A. Penn, C. Mottram, A. Fatah gen. Schieck, M. Wittkämper, M. Störring, O. Romell, A. Strothmann, F. Aish. A Method to Index Images in the Wooden Architecture Domain; S. Kacher, J.-C. Bignon, G. halin. Hybrid Approach to Solve Space Planning Problems in Building Services; G. Bi, B. Medjdoub. Reduction Mechanisms Explored in Architectural Re-design; J. Lindekens. On the Notion of Level in Architecture; M.F.Th. Bax, H.M.G.J. Trum. Supporting Design Learning with Design Puzzles; Teng-Wen Chang.
Geographical Information Systems. A New Computer Supported Design Tool: Rasterplan; A. Tisma. Enhancing 3DSkyView Extension Performance; D.S. Rodrigues, L.C.L. Souza, J.F.G. Mendes. Relationship between Convenience Store Robberies and Road Environment; M. Murakami, K. Higuchi, A. Shibayama.
Author Index."
As editors of this volume we would like to express our gratitude to the contributing authors who have delivered these highly relevant and inspiring chapters and to the international scientific committee for their help in the review and editing. Special thanks go to our colleagues Mandy van de Sande, Marlyn Aretz, and Leo van Veghel, who were great in organising the conference and took care of everything that made it a pleasant and comfortable event. Eindhoven, July 2004 Jos van Leeuwen and Harry Timmermans Conference Chairs x DDSS 2004 INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Alan Bridges, UK Kees Dorst, NL Aleksander Asanowicz, PL Luca Caneparo, IT Aloys Borgers, NL Mark Clayton, USA Anders Ekholm, SE Mark Gross, USA Andy Brown, UK Michael Batty, UK Anthony Yeh, HK Milton Tan, SG Ardeshir Mahdavi, AT Mitsuo Morozumi, JP Atsuyuki Okabe, JP Nancy Cheng, USA Bauke de Vries, NL Omer Akin, USA Bob Martens, AT Philip Steadman, UK Dirk Donath, DE Pierre Leclercq, BE Frances Brazier, NL Ray Wyatt, AU Gilles Halin, FR Richard Klosterman, USA Guilermo Vásquez de Velasco, USA Rivka Oxman, IL Hannu Penttila, FI Robert Woodbury, CA Henri Achten, NL Sevil Sariyildiz, NL Jin-Yeu Tsou, HK Sheng-Fen Chien, TW Joachim Kieferle, DE Stefania Bandini, IT Johan Verbeke, BE Tay-Sheng Jeng, TW John Stillwell, UK Theo Arentze, NL José Duarte, PT Thomas Kvan, HK José Kós, BR Wassim Jabi, USA INTRODUCTION The International Conference on Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning is organised bi-annually by the Eindhoven

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