Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
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Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials

Proceedings of the NATO ARW on Frontiers in Spectroscopy of Emergent Materials: Recent Advances Toward New Technologies, Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine 14-18 September 2003
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Eric Faulques
800 g
249x167x27 mm
165, NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Highly topical materials with a focus on carbon and silicon nanomaterials including nanotubes, fullerenes, nanoclusters, metallic superconducting phases, molecular materials, magnetic and charge-stripe oxides, and biomaterials
Preface. Probing works of art with photons and charged particles; T. Calligaro. X-ray absorption spectroscopy and nanocrystalline materials; V. Briois. Structural studies of bio- and related materials using synchrotron radiation; D.L. Perry, et al. Advances in spectroscopy of subthreshold inelastic radiation-induced processes in cryocrystals; A.N. Ogurtsov. Progress on electron energy loss spectroscopy of nanomaterials; P. Moreau. Low-energy electrons photoemission spectroscopy of organized organic thin films; R. Naaman. Growth of silicon nanoclusters; A.A. Schvartsburg, et al. Progress in light emission from silicon nanostructures; D.J. Lockwood. Nanoscale random spin-orbit coupling in low-dimensional structures; E. Ya, et al. Raman and SERS studies of carbon nanotubes; S. Lefrant, et al. Noncovalent functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes for biological application: Raman and NIR absorption spectroscopy; V.A. Karachevtsev, et al. Peculiarities for luminescence in systems with fullerine C60-water interface; G.V. Andrievsky, et al. Photoluminescence and structure of fullerine C60 intercalated with helium; A.A. Avdeenko, et al. Influence of static and microwave magnetic fields on photogeneration of free charge carriers in donor-acceptor complex TBPDA·(C60)2; D.V. Lopatin, et al. Light scattering of magnets in proximity to quantum criticality; P. Lemmens. Giant phonon softening in ferromagnetic LaMnO3+x; Yu.G. Pashkevich, et al. Raman studies of single and polycrystalline cobaltites RBaCo2O5+delta with delta close to 0.5; Yu.G. Pashkevich, et al. Phonons and magnons in La5/3Sr1/3NiO4, single crystal; V.P. Gnezdilov, et al.High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of low-dimensional magnetic oxides; M.N. Popova. Magnetic resonance in low-doped Cu1-xMxO3 with different type of 3D AFM ordering; K.V. Lamonova, Yu.G. Pashkevich. High-field ESR spectroscopy of low-dimensional quantum spin systems; S.A. Zvyagin. Metal-organic complexes of Cu(II): ground state and exchange interactions in magnetic subsystem; A. Anders, et al. Solid-state NMR studies of novel porous solids: structure and dynamics; Y.Z. Khimyak. Point-contact spectroscopy of two-band superconductor MgB2; I.K. Yanson, Yu.G. Naiduk. Modern approaches in point-contact spectroscopy and their application to probe nanoclusters in mesoscopic materials; G.V. Kamarchuk, et al. Infrared and Raman spectra of magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate (struvite) and its isomorphous analogs; B. Soptrajanov, et al. Transport, magnetic and optical properties of a quasi-two-dimensional organic metal based on BEDO-TTF (bis-(ethylenedioxy)tetrahiafulvalene); R.B. Lyubovskii, et al. Spectral and electrophysical properties of anion-radical salts of TCNQ and methyl-TCNQ with N-alkylpirazinium cations; A.V. Kravchenko, et al. New development of impedance spectroscopy; A.P. Pospelov, et al. The scaled quantum-mechanical force field: a promising approach to molecular vibrational dynamics; V.G. Ivanov. The vibration-induced excited state decay; M. Mensik, S. Nespůrek. Advances in time-resolved spectroscopy; E.C. Faulques. Linear and nonlinear light scattering by emerging materials; K. Clays. Development of tomography using femtosecond infrared lasers: imaging of biological tissues; G. Jonusauskas.Author Index. List of Contributors.
A comprehensive discussion of the key role of modern spectroscopic investigations in interdisciplinary materials science and engineering, covering emerging materials that are either absolutely novel or well-known materials with recently discovered, exciting properties. The types of spectroscopy discussed include optical, electronic and magnetic, UV-visible absorption, Rayleigh scattering, photoluminescence, vibrational, magnetic resonance, electron energy loss, EXAFS, XANES, optical tomography, time-resolved spectroscopy, and point contact spectroscopy. The materials studied are highly topical, with a focus on carbon and silicon nanomaterials including nanotubes, fullerenes, nanoclusters, metallic superconducting phases, molecular materials, magnetic and charge-stripe oxides, and biomaterials.
Theoretical treatments are presented of molecular vibrational dynamics, vibration-induced decay of electronic excited states, nanoscale spin-orbit coupling in 2D Si-based structures, and the growth of semiconductor clusters.