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Estate Sales Made Easy

A Practical Guide to Success from Start to Finish
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Victoria Gray
Hay House, Inc.
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From first client contact to signed contract, and from setup to day of sale to takedown, Victoria Gray—an experienced estate sales manager and founder of Estate Sales by Victoria—guides you through what it takes to run a successful estate sale. With a thorough exploration of the legal, financial, familial, and business issues, Gray lays out the nuts and bolts of an estate sale with sensitivity to emotions that might arise during the process. Gray also delves into the spiritual energy that she has sensed in different houses throughout her 27 years in the business.With insightful tips and an easy-to-follow process, you will be equipped to: •Set up appointments with potential clients seeking an estate sale manager •Create a contract for the sale •Set up the sale, including pricing and arranging items for maximal efficiency and profit •Manage the sale, from client to customer •Take down the sale and distribute the proceeds •Build your customer base and keep itGray's efficient, no-nonsense advice will help you to tackle your first estate sale with little fuss and a full sense of preparation. Whether you want to establish your own estate sales business or conduct an estate sale for a loved one, this guide provides everything you need to know from an experienced manager who has seen it all.

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