Remaking Muslim Politics
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Remaking Muslim Politics

Pluralism, Contestation, Democratization
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Robert W. Hefner
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Acknowledgments viiNote on Transliteration ix
Contributors xi

CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Modernity and the Remaking of Muslim Politics by Robert W. Hefner 1
CHAPTER 2: New Media in the Arab Middle East and the Emergence of Open Societies by Dale F. Eickelman 37
CHAPTER 3: Pluralism, Democracy, and the 'Ulama by Muhammad Qasim Zaman 60
CHAPTER 4: The End of Islamism? Turkey's Muslimhood Model by Jenny B.White 87
CHAPTER 5: Dilemmas of Reform and Democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Bahman Baktiari 112
CHAPTER 6: Thwarted Politics: The Case of Egypt's Hizb al-Wasat Augustus by Richard Norton 133
CHAPTER 7: Rewriting Divorce in Egypt: Reclaiming Islam, Legal Activism, and Coalition Politics by Diane Singerman 161
CHAPTER 8: Empowering Civility through Nationalism: Reformist Islam and Belonging in Saudi Arabia by Gwenn Okruhlik 189
CHAPTER 9: An Islamic State Is a State Run by Good Muslims: Religion as a Way of Life and Not an Ideology in Afghanistan by Thomas Barfield 213
CHAPTER 10: Islam and the Cultural Politics of Legitimacy: Malaysia in the Aftermath of September 11 by Michael G. Peletz 240
CHAPTER 11: Muslim Democrats and Islamist Violence in Post-Soeharto Indonesia by Robert W. Hefner 273
CHAPTER 12: Sufis and Salafis: The Political Discourse of Transnational Islam by Peter Mandaville 302
CHAPTER 13: Pluralism and Normativity in French Islamic Reasoning by John R. Bowen 326

Index 347
There is a struggle for the hearts and minds of Muslims unfolding across the Islamic world. The conflict pits Muslims who support pluralism and democracy against others who insist such institutions are antithetical to Islam. With some 1.3 billion people worldwide professing Islam, the outcome of this contest is sure to be one of the defining political events of the twenty-first century.

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