Lambent Traces
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Lambent Traces

Franz Kafka
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Stanley Corngold
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Preface xiAbbreviations for Kafka Citations xvii
Introduction: Beginnings 1
Chapter 1
In the Circle of "The Judgment" 13
Chapter 2
The Trial: The Guilt of an Unredeemed Literary Promise 37
Segue I
On Cultural Immortality 45
Chapter 3
Medial Interferences in The Trial 51
Or, res in Media
Chapter 4
Allotria and Excreta in "In the Penal Colony" 67
Segue II
Death and the Medium 81
Chapter 5
Nietzsche, Kafka, and Literary Paternity 94
Chapter 6
Something to Do with the Truth 111
Kafka's Later Stories
Chapter 7
"A Faith Like a Guillotine" 126
Kafka on Skepticism
Chapter 8
Kafka and the Dialect of Minor Literature 142
Chapter 9
Adorno's "Notes on Kafka" 158
A Critical Reconstruction
Chapter 10
On Translation Mistakes, with Special Attention to Kafka in Amerika 176
Chapter 11
The Trouble with Cultural Studies 194
Notes 205
Acknowledgments 253
Index 255
On the night of September 22, 1912, Franz Kafka wrote his story "The Judgment," which came out of him "like a regular birth." This act of creation struck him as an unmistakable sign of his literary destiny. Thereafter, the search of many of his characters for the Law, for a home, for artistic fulfillment can be understood as a figure for Kafka's own search to reproduce the ecstasy of a single night.

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