European Neighbourhood Policy
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European Neighbourhood Policy

Geopolitics Between Integration and Security
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Bettina Bruns
New Geographies of Europe
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Chapter 1. Introduction; Bettina Bruns, Dorit Happ and Helga Zichner.- Chapter 2. Scale Up, Harry! Discursive Transition (and Continuity) in the EU's 'Area of Freedom, Security and Justice' between 1995 and 2014; Frank Meyer.- Chapter 3. Extra-Territorial Migration Control from a Principal-Agent Perspective: Actors, Mechanisms and Delegation Costs; Lena Laube and Andreas Müller.- Chapter 4. Democratizing EU Democracy Assistance? The EU's Perspective on Civil Society; Micha Fiedlschuster.- Chapter 5. Both In-Between and Out: National Sovereignty and Cross-Border Governmentality in the Euro 2012 in Lviv; Andrey Makarychev and Alexandra Yatsyk.- Chapter 6. The EaP Achievements in Ukraine and Georgia: Public Opinion vs. Institutional Changes; Tetiana Kostiuchenko and Liubov Akulenko.- Chapter 7. The EU's Extra-Territorialization and Securitization: What Does it Mean for Ukraine and Belarus?; Bettina Bruns and Dorit Happ.- Chapter 8. The EU's Education Policy Abroad: The 'Power of Attraction' and the Case of Moldova; Helga Zichner and Vladislav Saran.- Chapter 9. The Western Balkan Inside, Outside and Between the European Union: About the Nexus between Regional Cooperation, European Integration and Security Sector Reforms; Stefanie Dreiack.- Chapter 10. Mapping European Cultural Actors: Addressing the Case of Belarus; Iryna Matsevich-Dukhan.
This book assesses the instruments and measures geared towards determining the EU's relations with it's neighbours. These are channelled on the one hand by the enlargement policy focusing on the Western Balkans and on the other hand by the neighbourhood policy which will enable the integration of Central and Eastern European neighbouring countries without offering membership. Both of these policies have strong local and regional effects in the EU's neighbouring countries. However, little attention has been paid to the perceptions of and impact of these policies in the neighbouring countries themselves.

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