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The Handbook of Security

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Martin Gill
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1. Introduction; Martin Gill PART I: DISCIPLINES AND SECURITY 2. History of Security; Bruce George and Steve Kimber 3. Environmental Studies and Security; Richard H. Schneider 4. Criminology and Security; Graham Farrell and Ken Pease 5. Politics, Economics and Security; Adam White 6. Engineering and Security; David Brooks and Clif Smith 7. Design and Security; Paul Ekblom PART II: OFFENCES 8. Terrorism; Kumar Ramakrishna 9. Murder at Work; Zech Lee and Bob McCrie 10. Workplace Violence; Amy L. Stutzenberger and Bonnie Fisher 11. Piracy and Robbery; Robert Beckman and Monique Page 12. Organised Crime; Mike Levi 13. Commerical Burglary; Rob Mawby 14. Identity Fraud; Henry Pontell and G. Geiss 15. Cyber Crime; Lennon Chang and Peter Grabosky 16. Counterfeiting; Virginie de Barnier PART III: CRIME AND SECURITY IN SECTORS 17. Crime, Security and the Retail Sector; Adrian Beck 18. Crime, Security and Tourism; Rob Mawby 19. Crime and Security and the Food Sector; Hope Johnson and Reece Walters 20. Crime, Security and the Financial Sector; Mark Button and Martin Tunley PART IV: RESEARCHING SECURITY 21. The Influence of Security Research; James Calder 22. Knowledge Transfer; Paul Ekblom 23. Working with Offenders; Richard Moule 24. The Ethnographic Approach and Security: The Case of Airports; Alan Kirschenbaum 25. Crime Mapping; Shane Johnson and Kate Bowers 26. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis; Matthew Manning 27. Evaluations and Randomized Controlled Trials in Security Research; Read Hayes and Kyle Grottini PART V: SECURITY PROCESSES AND SERVICES 28. Signs; Nick Tilley 29. Technologies and Security; Clifton Smith 30. Alarms and Security; David Brooks 31. CCTV; Emmeline Taylor and Martin Gill 32. Security Officers; Mahesh Nalla and Alison Wakefield 33. Private Military Companies; K. Carmola PART VI: SECURITY AND ITS MANAGEMENT 34. The Role of Partnerships in Security Management; Tim Prenzler and Rick Sarre 35. Management and Risk Management; Joshua Bamfield 36. Disaster and Crisis Management; Dominic Elliott 37. Managing Intelligence and Responding to Emerging Threats, Patrick F. Walsh 38. Regulation and Security; Tim Prenzler and Rick Sarre PART VII: CRITIQUING SECURITY 39. Corporate Security; Kevin Walby and Randy K. Lippert 40. Liberty and Security; John Deukmedjian 41. Professionalisation and Security; Alison Wakefield 42. Trading and the Commodification of Security; Julie Ayling 43. Security and Ethics; Andrew Adams 44. Some Contradictions of Security; Martin Gill
The substantially revised second edition of the Handbook of Security provides the most comprehensive analysis of scholarly security debates and issues to date. Including contributions from some of the world's leading scholars it critiques the way security is provided and managed.

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