The Strategic Development of Multinationals
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The Strategic Development of Multinationals

Subsidiaries and Innovation
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M. Papanastassiou
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Subsidiaries, Innovation and the Strategic Development of Multinationals; M.Papanastassiou & R.Pearce Creative Transition and the Role of MNE Subsidiaries in Host-country Industrialisation; R.Pearce & M.Papanastassiou Strategic Internalisation and the Growth of the Multinational Firm; R.Pearce , M.Papanastassiou & F.Filippaios Technology Sourcing in Multinational Enterprises and the Roles of Subsidiaries: an Empirical Investigation; D.Manolopoulos , M.Papanastassiou & R.Pearce Strategic Heterogeneity and MNEs' Investments in the Integrating European Economy; D.Dimitropoulou , R.Pearce & M.Papanastassiou To "Almost See the World": Hierarchy and Strategy in Hymer's View of the Multinational; R.Pearce & M.Papanastassiou Individualism and Interdependence in the Technological Development of MNEs: the Strategic Positioning of R&D in Overseas Subsidiaries; M.Papanastassiou & R.Pearce Multinationals and National Systems of Innovation: Strategy and Policy Issues; R.Pearce & M.Papanastassiou Internalisation and Individualism : MNE Laboratories' R&D Collaborations; R.Pearce & M.Papanastassiou Funding Sources and the Strategic Roles of Decentralised R&D in Multinationals; M.Papanastassiou & R.Pearce Globalisation of Technology and the Movement of Scientific Personnel in Multinational Enterprises in Europe; M.Papanastassiou , R.Pearce & G.Anastassopoulos Multinationals and Economic Performance in the Era of Globalisation; R.Pearce & M.Papanastassiou
The chapters in this book provide detailed analyses of a range of issues that feed into an overview of the strategic development of the MNE over the past 40 years. This modeled as the evolution of the MNE from a multidomestic hierarchy to a network hierarchy to the contemporary strategic diversity of the heterarchy. The extensive range of empirical and conceptual analysis covers the strategic roles and competitive evolution of subsidiaries; the positioning of R&D labs of MNEs; how MNEs' R&D and product development programmes relate to, and affect the performance of, countries' national systems of innovation; the ways in which dispersed subsidiaries and labs now work to support both the effective use of current competitive technologies and the generation of new sources of competitiveness for global firms. An underlying theme of the book, that is also developed conceptually, is how the global operations of MNEs involve selective involvement with national economies and the implications of this for globalization and economic development.