The European Union and Global Development
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The European Union and Global Development

An 'Enlightened Superpower' in the Making?
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The European Union and Global Development; S.Grimm, S.Gänzle & D.Makhan PART I: ACTORS AND INSTITUTIONS The EU's Role in Development: A Fully-Fledged Development Actor or Eclipsed by Superpower Temptations?; J.Orbie European Aid Coordination: Is the Commission Calling the Tune?; S.Delputte & F.Söderbaum The Impact of the Shallow Europeanisation of the 'New' Member States on the EU's Actorness: What Coherence between Foreign and Development Policy?; O.Horký The Lisbon Treaty, the European External Action Service and the Reshaping of EU Development Policy; M.Furness PART II: MANAGING POLICY LINKAGES FOR DEVELOPMENT? The EU's Coordination Dilemma: Linking Trade and Development in the ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements and Aid for Trade; D.Makhan Coping with the 'Security-Development Nexus': The European Union and the Instrument for Stability; S.Gänzle Research Cooperation for Development - a Case with Much Room for Improvement; M.Bucar Towards an EU Policy for Sustainable Global Development?; C.Bretherton & J.Vogler PART III: THE EU IN THE WORLD: STRATEGIC ALLIANCES AND IMPACT ON POLICY-MAKING EU Climate Leadership in Copenhagen and Beyond; C.Brandi Multipronged Strategies for a Multifaceted Crisis? A Critical Reflection on EU Policy towards Zimbabwe; J.Gomes Porto European Engagement with Emerging Actors in Development: Forging New Partnerships?; S.Grimm & C .Hackenesch The EU and UN Development Cooperation: Effective Multilateralism for Global Development; M.Farrell A Payer or Player? EU Developmental Action in the Pacific; M.Holland & S.Kelly Conclusion; D.Makhan, S.Gänzle & S.Grimm
An assessment of the capacity of the EU to coordinate actors and policies with regards to global development. The authors argue that the EU and its member states have the potential to act for global development when they are able to improve policy and actor coherence, such as through better linking of bilateral and community programmes.