Religion and Public Opinion in Britain
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Religion and Public Opinion in Britain

Continuity and Change
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Ben Clements
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List Of Figures List Of Tables Preface Acknowledgements 1. Introduction Methodological Approach And Source Material Data Sources Measurement Of Religion Outline Of Chapters 2. Religious Authority Religious Change: Belonging, Behaving And Believing Religious Authority In Britain Confidence In Religious Institutions: Aggregate-Level Trends Group Attitudes Confidence In The Church And Other Institutions Attitudes Towards The Church Of England And The Roman Catholic Church Public Attitudes Towards The Involvement Of Religious Leaders In Politics Aggregate-Level Trends Group Attitudes Conclusion 3. Religion And Party Choice Religion And Party Support In The 1940s And 1950s Religion And Voting Behaviour At General Elections Religion, Parental Socialisation And Voting Religion, Other Social Factors And Voting Religion And Party Support In Recent Decades Religion And Contemporary Party Choice Conclusion 4. Religion And Ideology Left-Right Ideology Welfare Ideology Libertarian-Authoritarian Ideology Attitudes Towards The Death Penalty Attitudes Towards Censorship Conclusion 5. Religion And Abortion Attitudes Towards Abortion: Opinion Polls Attitudes Towards Abortion: Recurrent Social Surveys The Attitudes Of The Catholic Community Conclusion 6. Religion, Homosexuality And Gay Rights Attitudes Towards Homosexuality Attitudes Towards Gay Rights Issues Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Individuals Holding Roles And Occupations Attitudes Towards Adoption By Same-Sex Couples Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriage Conclusion 7. Religion And Foreign Policy Attitudes Towards European Integration Religious Groups In Britain Religious Groups In Britain And The EU Attitudes Towards Military Intervention Religious Groups In The General Population Religious Groups In The Ethnic Minority Population Conclusion 8. Conclusion Religion And Areas Of Continuity In Attitudes Religion And Areas Of Change In Attitudes Limitations Of The Study And Areas For Future Research Notes Appendix 1 Measures Of Religion In The Recurrent Social Surveys Appendix 2 Measurement Of Independent Variables Used In The Multivariate Analyses Appendix 3 Attitudes Based On Additional Questions Asking About God List Of Survey Datasets Bibliography
Based on extensive analysis of surveys from recent decades, this book provides a detailed study of the attitudes of religious groups in Britain. It looks at continuity and change in relation to party support, ideology, abortion, homosexuality and gay rights, foreign policy, and public opinion towards religion in public life.