Industrial Transformation in Eastern Europe in the Light of the East Asian Experience
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Industrial Transformation in Eastern Europe in the Light of the East Asian Experience

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Jeffrey Henderson
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International Political Economy Series

Analysis by many of the leading authorities in the field
List of Tables Preface Notes on the Editors and Contributors PART ONE: INTRODUCTION On Appropriate Models for Transformation in Eastern Europe; J.Henderson PART TWO: TRANSFORMATION IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE Social and Political Dimensions of Economic Transformation: Eastern Europe and Pacific Asia; J.Henderson & R.Whitley Industrial Transformation in East-Central Europe and East Asia: Should the State Whither Away?; W.Andreff Privatization and the State: Russia, Eastern Europe, East Asia; N.Harris & D.Lockwood The Starting Point of Liberalization: China and the Former USSR on the Eve of Reform; P.Nolan Institutional Change and Economic Development in East-Central Europe and China: Contrasts in the Light of the 'East Asian Model'; D.Lo& H.Radice PART THREE: NATIONAL SPECIFICITIES Institutional Foundations of Robust Economic Performance: Public Sector Industrial Growth in China; V.Nee & S.Su The Developmental Alliance for Industrialization in East Asia: State and Business in South Korea and Taiwan; E.M.Kim Enterprise Strategies and Labour Relations in Central and Eastern Europe; S.Vickerstaff, J.Thirkell & R.Scase Ideologies, Economic Policies and Social Change: the Cyclical Nature of Hungary's Transformation; L.Czaban Index
Since 1989, the postcommunist societies of Eastern Europe have been subject to policy advice and political and economic pressure which assumes that the development of 'free market' economies is the best route to economic growth and prosperity. The contributors to this volume take issue with this proposition. Though working from different theoretical perspectives, with different interests, they collectively argue that there are better ways to build dynamic and prosperous industrial economies in Eastern Europe than encouraging the respective societies of the region to ape the contents and swallow the myths of the Anglo-American form of capitalism. The contributors to this volume are among the leading authorities on economic transformation in Eastern Europe.

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