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Contemporary Perspectives on Ecofeminism

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Mary Phillips
Routledge Explorations in Environmental Studies
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Introducing Contemporary Ecofeminism Mary Philips and Nick Rumens Part 1 Theory 1. Eco/Feminist Genealogies: Renewing Promises and New Possibilities Niamh Moore 2. Ecofeminism and the Animal Erika Cudworth 3. Developing ecofeminist corporeality: Writing the body as activist poetics Mary Phillips 4. Regeneration in Limbo: Ecofeminist Perspectives on the Multiple Crisis and Social Contract Adelheid Biesecker and Uta v. Winterfeld 5. Exploring the Confluence of Ecofeminism, Covenantal Ethics, and Action Research Mary Brydon-Miller and Anne Inga Hilsen Part 2 Practice 6. Climate Adaptation in the Global South: Funding Women's Farming Trish Glazebrook 7: Hidden Lives, Invisible Vocation? Giving Voice to Game Rangers' Wives in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa Ida Sabelis, Tamarisk van Vliet and Harry Wels 8. The Township Gaze: A Postcolonial Ecofeminist Theory for Touring the New South Africa Laura Wright 9. From 'Cli-Fi' to Critical Ecofeminism: Narratives of Climate Change and Climate Justice Greta Gaard 10. The Advantages of Gender theories in Analyses of Nature resource Management Christine Katz 11. Organizing and Managing Ecofeminism: Material Manifestations of Spiritual Principles in Business Ali Young and Scott Taylor
Why is ecofeminism still needed to address the environmental emergencies and challenges of our times? Ecofeminism has a chequered history in terms of its popularity and its perceived value in conceptualizing the relationship between gender and nature as well as feeding forms of activism that aim to confront the environmental challenges of the moment.

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