Co-operation, Learning and Co-operative Values
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Co-operation, Learning and Co-operative Values

Contemporary issues in education
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Tom Woodin
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1. An introduction to co-operative education in past and present Part I: Frameworks for co-operative education 2. Why co-operative schools should oppose competition and what they might do instead 3. Richard Pring, No school can go it alone: the necessity of partnership and co-operation 4. Philip A. Woods, Co-operativism as an alternative: choice, assimilation and challenge Part II: Co-operative schools 5. Gail Davidge, Keri Facer and John Schostak, Co-operatives, democracy and education: a critical reflection 6. Sarah Jones, Contrived collegiality? Investigating the efficacy co-operative teacher development 7. Ashley Simpson, Co-operative democracy in practice - a learner's perspective 8. Dave Brockington, The impact of co-operative skills and approaches on young people's development and attainment: an ASDAN perspective 9. Tom Woodin, Co-operative schools: putting values into practice Part III: Co-operative education in co-operatives and higher education 10. Stephen Yeo, The co-operative university? Transforming higher education 11. Diarmuid McDonnell & Elizabeth Macknight, Policy, principles and practice: co-operative studies in higher education 12. Linda Shaw, A turning point? Mapping co-operative education in the UK 13. Ian MacPherson, Mainstreaming some lacunae: developing co-operative studies as an interdisciplinary, international field of enquiry Co-operation and competition - a commentary by Tim Brighouse Conclusion Appendix Statement of Co-operative Identity
The rapidity of change in education has intensified in recent years. With the emergence of 'co-operative schools' and a new framework focusing heavily on co-operation, a direct challenge to ways of thinking about education, at both school and university level, has developed. Co-operation, Learning and Co-operative Values addresses the urgent need to describe, analyse and assess the growth of co-operative education. The relationship between co-operation and education is a complex process and this book critically reflects on the tensions and obstacles facing this movement. It brings together the contributions of academics and practitioners from a range of backgrounds, and explores topics including:Theories and histories of co-operative values and principles Critical views of the practice of co-operative education Case studies of processes in action from both schools and higher education Co-operative education in a wider context This book provides an essential introduction to a new and expanding area of research with chapters by many leading commentators in education. It will be of interest to researchers and educators interested in education and social policy.

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