Cinema 4D Apprentice
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Cinema 4D Apprentice

Real-World Skills for the Aspiring Motion Graphics Artist
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Kent Mcquilkin
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Getting Around in C4D; Basic Cameras and Scenes; Modeling 101: Beginners Guide to Building Objects in C4D; Modeling 102 Advanced; Working with Materials; Advanced Materials and Texture Mapping; BodyPaint UV Basics; Painting in 3D via BodyPaint; Light it Up; Animation Basics; Character Animation; Simulation Driven Animation; MoGraph; Destruction Techniques in Cinema 4D; Rendering with Cinema 4D's Native Render Engine; The Physical Renderer; The Stereoscopic Workflow; Setting up Cinema 4D Scenes for Post Production; C4D Lite: Maxon Cineware in After Effects; Time to Plug-In; Final Project
New to CINEMA 4D and looking for an accessible way to get up to speed quickly? Do you already know the basics of the software but need to know the new features or take your skills and understanding a little deeper? If so, look no further than CINEMA 4D Apprentice, your one-stop shop for learning this powerful application. With guidance that takes you beyond just the button-pushing, author Kent McQuilkin guides you through 10 core lessons, starting with the basics before moving onto more complex techniques and concepts and then tying it all together with a final project.

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