Transnational Students and Mobility
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Transnational Students and Mobility

Lived Experiences of Migration
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Hannah Soong
Routledge Advances in Sociology
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Part One: Transnational Student-Migrant Nexus and Mobility 1. Introduction 2. Transnational Student-Migrant Nexus and Mobility Part Two: Understanding the Mode of Consciousness of a Transnational Individual 3. Transnational Mobility as Mode of Consciousness of the 'West 4. Understanding the Lived Experiences of Intercultural Adjustment and Identity Change Part Three: Lived Episodes and Interpretations 5. 'Fitting- In': Intercultural adjustment process through teaching practicum experiences 6. Looking Out: The pains and gains of mobility 7. Being-In-Flux: Imaginations of 'nostalgia' and 'fantasy' Conclusion: Hermeneutic reflections on the complexities of student mobility References Appendices Appendix 1: Timeline of interviews for participants in phase Appendix 2: Timeline of interviews for participants in phase 2 Appendix 3: An Example of Data Analysis for Meaning Appendix 4: Specialised Subjects Student-Migrants Were Tasked to Teach Appendix 5: Profile of Student-Migrants Community Engagement/Part-Time Work Activities
As globalisation deepens, student mobility and migration has not only impacted economy and institutions, it has also infused human desires, imaginaries, experiences and subjectivities. In Transnational Students and Mobility, Hannah Soong portrays the vexed nexus of education and migration as a site of multiple tensions and existence and examines how the notion of imagined mobility through education-migration nexus transforms the social value of international education and transnational mobility.

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