Tropic Lightning Transformation
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Tropic Lightning Transformation

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George Glaze
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To manage the many strategic concerns and threats to United States' interests in his area of responsibility (AOR), the Commander-in-Chief (CINC) Pacific, or USCINCPAC, must have access to military assets that will provide him a variety of readily available options for effective response to missions that span the spectrum of warfare. Force providers in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps provide capabilities that enable USCINCPAC to implement viable options in dealing with regional shaping and crisis response situations. These options are executed in the form of force packages designed to provide the proper amount of military force to bring conflict resolution. With the dynamic and ever-increasing theater threats, a concern arises as to whether USCINCPAC has forces able to meet his strategic requirements. One of the larger forces available in theater, and the only infantry division (ID) readily available, is the Army's 25th ID (Light). But the Army may need to provide USCINCPAC with a more relevant force; the current light division organization may not be as agile and responsive as needed to meet AOR requirements. Can the transformation of the 25th ID (L) into an Interim Division (IDIV) better enable USCINCPAC to meet the strategic land warfare requirements in the Pacific AOR? The Army Chief of Staff is challenging his forces to remain relevant and provide the CINCs with a more responsive and strategic dominating force. The Interim Division possesses many capabilities that can provide USCINCPAC with the strategic land warfare options he needs. The unique IDIV improvements in the areas of agility, tailorability, survivability and sustainability match the strategic land warfare requirements of the PACOM AOR. The IDIV capabilities meet USCINCPAC's current shortfall in meeting AOR strategic requirements. With the IDIV, USCINCPAC is better equipped to meet Pacific Rim strategic requirements.