Systemic Operational Design: Improving Operational Planning for the Netherlands Armed Forces
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Systemic Operational Design: Improving Operational Planning for the Netherlands Armed Forces

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Jelte R. Groen
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The Armed Forces of the Netherlands are currently in a reorganization process in order to improve the balance between tasks and capabilities. Specific materiel is being disposed of and organizations are downsized to achieve this balance. The financial margin created this way is used to invest in high quality weapon systems. Part of this reorganization is the monopolization of operational level planning at the Defense Staff level to facilitate joint operations. The Directorate of Operations in the Defense Staff has been made responsible for this planning effort, and is now in charge of all planning for joint operations of the Dutch Armed Forces. The planning process used by the Directorate is NATO's Operational Planning Process. The Operational Theory Research Institute in Israel has developed a different approach for designing operations called Systemic Operational Design. The approach is based on a different theoretical background than the Operational Planning Process, and uses alternative ways to achieve its products. The Operational Planning Process acknowledges the fundamental importance of design for an operation, but does not specify how to construct this design. Therefore, a dedicated design process might offer opportunities for improvement of the Operational Planning Process. This monograph will suggest an improvement of the Operational Planning Process through the application of Systemic Operational Design. Although further experimentation is necessary to explore the possibilities in the Dutch setting, initial experiences with the process are encouraging.